Solar Panels in San Diego and Southern Riverside County, CA

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Looking for solar panels in the San Diego area? You’ve come to the right place! As one of the sunniest regions in the U.S., San Diego and other communities in the Southern Riverside County region are the perfect locations to install solar panels. The beautiful climate is ideal for San Diego residents to install solar panels. Own or manage a business? No problem! We don’t just service homeowners. We provide commercial solar panel installation for businesses of all sizes and industries.

At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar, we are a leading solar energy company in San Diego and carry a large variety of solar panels from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. All of our panels offer high-performance, reliability, and top-notch warranties. If you want the best quality and selection in the San Diego area, contact the solar energy professionals at Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar to receive a free solar evaluation!

Solar Panel Brands


We carry many industry leading solar panel brands, including:

  • Solaria – one of the most attractive, high power, energy efficient solar panels available on the market today.
  • Silfab Solar – the North American manufacturing leader in the design & development of ultra-high-efficiency, premium quality 60- and 72-cell monocrystalline PV modules.

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What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Buying solar panels isn’t as easy as a quick purchase and installation. Before deciding what solar panels to install, consider the following decision-making factors to help guide you through the process:

  • The warranty – Solar panels from a reputable manufacturer should last for 20+ years. When purchasing solar panels, it is important to ensure that the panels come with a warranty for a minimum of 20 years. Most panel manufacturers today have 20-30 year warranties, but be sure to confirm this before buying.
  • The installation company – A solar installation is only as good as the company that does the installation. The best solar panels in the world can give you problems if they are installed incorrectly. Incorrectly installed solar panels can limit system production and even be a fire hazard, so it is important that you choose a company with an extensive history performing solar installations.
  • The panel manufacturer – Be sure to research panel manufacturers before making a decision. There has been a lot of uncertainty in the solar manufacturing market, so it is vital that you pick a company with a strong financial standing to ensure that they will still be in business years from now. A 20 – 30 year warranty is useless if the manufacturer is not in business to service it.
  • The appearance – For many homeowners, the appearance of solar panels is important. Solar panels are offered in blue or black varieties with silver or black framing – and now with Lumos – no frame at all! Prices and efficiency levels vary by color and brand, so it is important to keep in mind that panels with better aesthetics may not be the best producers of electricity.

Still have questions? Call Action Air! Our solar energy experts will answer your questions about this sustainable energy source and installing solar panels, so you can rest assured they are installed and connected to your grid efficiently and professionally.

Free Solar Evaluations in San Diego & Southern Riverside County

If you are thinking about installing solar panels for your home or business in the San Diego area, contact Action Air, Heating & Solar today. Our solar professionals will perform a thorough analysis of your building’s solar potential and give you a quote for a photovoltaic system (solar power system) – free of charge.

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