Lumos Solar Panels

Cutting Edge Lumos Solar Panel Lumos Solar LSX frameless solar panels are a revolutionary new product in the solar industry. Every Lumos solar panel is designed to fuse energy production and architectural demands into a single product like no other on the market. With their unique, modern, and frameless design, Lumos solar panels provide homeowners with an opportunity to harness the power of the sun without negatively impacting the aesthetics of your home.

Unlike most solar panels that utilize silver or black aluminum framing, Lumos solar panels are frameless, giving installations the appearance of a single solid piece of sleek and attractive glass. Lumos offers black, white, and clear module back sheets, giving homeowners more flexibility in designing a system that blends well with their roof.

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Lumos LSX solar panels offer many distinct advantages, including:

  • Frameless and low profile design – Lumos solar panels are less than 6mm thick and have no metal framing—giving them a thinner and sleeker look than any other panel on the market. Lumos Solar Panel
  • Integrated wiring – All wiring is integrated into the panel, allowing LSX panels to retain their superb aesthetic qualities.
  • Weatherproofing – LSXSeal is a proprietary product designed to protect Lumos solar panels from the elements.
  • Integrated rail system – Our proprietary LSXRail can be quickly and easily fastened to nearly any structure without the need for additional components.
  • LSX and GSX panels allow light to shine through the cells, providing a visually appealing dappled light effect.
  • Module systems have integrated mounting solutions for a clean and streamlined look, which hides wires, conductors and junction boxes.

Lumos Solar Information

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