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Solar energy is a clean, renewable, affordable solution to reducing energy costs for home and business owners throughout the San Diego, CA metropolitan area. It is estimated that installing solar panels can save you anywhere between 50 – 90 percent annually on your energy bills. For homeowners, this means more money to add to your budget for a long overdue family vacation, or simply a nice boost to your savings account.

For those who own a business in the San Diego, CA area, this can result in a budget surplus, a higher net profit, and more cash to allocate to other departments or resources within your business.

Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar services the San Diego area and its surrounding communities, including Southern Riverside County, Chula Vista, El Cajon, San Marcos, Vista, and more! Contact us on the web or call us directly at 760-727-4152 for a free solar quote.


How Solar Energy Works

Action Air offers a variety of solar solutions custom built to meet your energy needs.

So, how do solar panels convert the sunshine San Diego residents know and enjoy into a cost-effective source of energy? The solar panels installed for your home or organization use photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into direct current electricity (DC) throughout the day. The electricity produced is then transformed to alternating current electricity (AC) to provide a safe, reliable supply of electricity to your property. The AC electricity is then sent to your breaker panel and is ready to power your home!

Some Great Reasons to Go Solar Today

There are many benefits to installing solar panels and using solar energy to power a your home or a commercial building.

Some of the primary benefits you may experience are:


Installing solar panels can significantly reduce the amount of electricity consumed in your home or office. Solar energy has shown to reduce utility costs between 50 – 90 percent! Energy from solar systems provides you with greater energy independence.


As the proud new owner of solar panels and a solar energy system, you can increase the resale value of your San Diego home or improve business appeal to environmentally conscious customers.


You no longer need to place all of your trust in your utility company. When you choose to install solar panels for your home or business, you can take control of your utility bills and protect yourself from unexpected increases in electric rates.


The electricity generated by solar panels is 100 percent renewable, predictable, and reliable. You can easily predict how much electricity your solar system will produce with budget certainty.

How Solar Energy Will Save You Money

Our solar experts will work with you to develop a system that will slash your utility bills

It’s actually quite simple. Your home or commercial facility has a utility meter which measures how much energy your property uses. When the amount of electricity generated from your new solar panels is greater than the amount of electricity consumed, your utility meter goes backwards and the surplus of solar energy offsets the energy used at night.

** The savings shown here are for demonstration purposes only and are not a true or accurate reflection of actual cost savings.

Monthly Electric Bill - Years

  • CA Average
  • With Solar
Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar - Making Southern California Famlies Comfortable for over 40 years!

Whatever Your Solar Needs, Action Air Has You Covered

Unique solar energy solutions

At Action Air, we don’t stop at designing and building energy-efficient HVAC systems in San Diego - we also help you reduce your energy bills by providing you with our unique commercial and residential solar energy solutions.

Commercial solar evaluations

Similar to a home energy performance test, our commercial solar evaluations breakdown your organization’s electrical demands, pinpoint key energy performance metrics on how your business can save money going solar by providing to you a detailed energy analysis of your entire facility.

Home energy performance tests

We will work with you to identify how you can improve your home’s energy production, comfort, improve resale value, and determine your solar needs. Contact us on the web or call us directly at (760) 727-4152 to learn how you can get solar installed on your home.

Celebrating 40 Years of Making the San Diego Community Comfortable

  • My solar project is fully installed, tied to the grid and working properly. JOB WELL DONE! to Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar. You deserve 5 stars not only for the outstanding customer service provided to us but also from the detailed work you’ve done with our project. NO surprises and a reasonable price compared to the other contractors. Workers really pay attention to details when it comes to execution of the work. OUTSTANDING!! I’ll highly recommend you for any solar project or AC/heating work.

    - Gino N.
  • We used Action Air to install a solar electric system. Our installation consisted of 24 solar panels with micro-inverters that allow us to track the power production of each panel. Action Air’s employees were excellent throughout the installation. Our first bill from the power company following the solar installation was only $1.62! Action Air was very responsive and overall, just excellent.

    - Zale W.
  • We used Action Air to install Solar, I am more than satisfied with everyone that I worked with. All the employees were professional, kind and always willing to go an extra mile, especially our rep Benjamin Jones. Mr. Jones made us feel like he was taking care of his own family, not customers.

    - Tasha M.
  • In a world today where there is information overload when it comes to solar, Action Air was the only company able to come in and explain our options without feeling you were being “sold” on something that may not be the best option for you and your situation. They were trustworthy from the start and because of our selection of Action, we have an incredible unit that is working as promised and we could not be happier. I would highly recommend Action for anyone’s solar needs.

    - Erik Wenstone, Vice President - CMR Risk

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