Commercial Furnace Repair in San Diego, California

Furnaces are an essential piece of equipment in your business’s heating and cooling system, and an improperly working furnace in the San Diego or Southern Riverside County,heating service in San Diego, Californiaheating service in Riverside, California area could make for some uncomfortable work days. furnace repair san diego

Some signs your business’s furnace may need professional furnace repairs in San Diego, CA include; inconsistent temperatures from room to room, higher than usual electric bills, its pilot light is burnt out or yellow/orange in color (instead of blue), or if your furnace is making strange, unfamiliar noises.

At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar, we perform commercial heating and cooling repairs in the San Diego area. When your business’s furnace needs repair or furnace repair in Chula Vista, be sure to call Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar at (800) 400-4152 or contact us online to request furnace install service.

When to Request Commercial Furnace Repair in San Diego

Inconsistent temperatures from room-to-room – if you notice inconsistent temperatures—hot or cold—throughout your business or office, your company’s furnace may be malfunctioning and need Carlsbad furnace repairs. furnace replacement san diego

Increased utility bills – an unanticipated increase in electric or gas bills (depending on your furnace type) may mean your furnace is not working efficiently or is running for longer periods of time than usual. If this occurs, call us immediately at (800) 400-4152.

Pilot light is burnt out or has a yellow/orange color – your furnace’s burner flame should be mostly blue, with a small amount of yellow in the tip of the flame. If your pilot light is yellow or orange (instead of its regular color of blue) in color it may be receiving too much gas—creating a potentially dangerous building for customers or employees.

Strange noises – if your business’s furnace is making a lot of unfamiliar noise while it is running, it could mean your pilot light needs adjustment or routine maintenance is needed.