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Here at Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of San Diego, all our air conditioning services come with a satisfaction guarantee and we also offer hassle-free support and assistance available year-round to our regular and new customers. If you want to have a fail-safe air conditioning system that enables you to maximize your indoor comfort and energy savings, Action AC is your go-to AC installation and repair contractor in all of San Diego.

Are you on the prowl for a dependable air conditioning installation in Rancho Bernardo? Looking for suggestions for an upgrade or replacement of your old AC that’s no longer serving its purpose? Is it time to schedule maintenance of the air conditioning system in your home? Do you suspect that the AC in your office could use a comprehensive service with minor repairs? We can do all that, and more!

Book AC installation tailored to your property

Professional AC installation, repair and service in Rancho Bernardo, CA Choices are hard if you are not sure what you’re looking for, and all the more so when there is a large selection of high-performance air conditioners from reputable manufacturers to browse. But we can help you make a smart choice and a worthwhile investment for your home or office. 

We will factor in the size and layout of your indoor space to help you decide on an air conditioning system that best matches your needs and complete the installation quickly and efficiently. We will also share top tips to help you make the most of your new AC for a long time to come. It won’t be long before you will be enjoying optimal indoor comfort and air quality before you know it.

What is the ideal temperature for my AC thermostat settings?

According to the Department of Energy, your thermostat should be set to 78 degrees if you intend on staying comfortable in your home in the summertime without wasting money. This is an appropriate indoor temperature that does not only set moderate expectations for your AC, but also promotes your health and wellbeing.

What is a good temperature for AC at night?

At night, our body radiates heat and our core temperature drops, which is why experts recommend setting the thermostat to 80 degrees, even in the summer. There is no need for a lower temperature as long as you have light bedding and sleepwear.

Restore your comfort with AC repair in Rancho Bernardo

If just hearing the words air conditioning repair is enough to send shivers down your spine, we are here to convince you that the process does not have to be nearly as complicated, costly and time-consuming when you have a professional team on your side. We are familiar with all types of air conditioning systems and have the expertise and technology to perform minor or major repairs. 

You can have confidence in our knowledge and experience. After completing the initial inspection, we will give you our honest professional opinion and advise you on your best course of action: repair or replacement.

Why does my air conditioner start then stop?

Your system normally cycles in order to maintain your desired indoor temperature. Two or three is a normal number of AC cycles per hour. Any more than that means that your AC is short-cycling and you need to schedule an urgent AC repair.

What causes the AC compressor to cut off?

If your AC compressor keeps shutting on and off, it is short-cycling. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Clogged filters
  • Thermostat malfunctions (the device is faulty/obstructed)
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Icy coils
  • The system is oversized

This is a major issue and you should have an AC contractor come in as soon as possible to detect the source of the problem and recommend a course of action.

Book an AC service that optimizes your unit’s performance

You would never knowingly compromise the performance of your air conditioning system, but mistakes happen. If scheduling AC service on a regular basis is not exactly on top of your priority list, then this is exactly the kind of scenario you can expect. 

We can help you avoid this common pitfall by taking over and performing your comprehensive air conditioning service in Rancho Bernardo to make up for lost time. With regular care and maintenance, the air conditioning system in your home or office could have a drastically longer life span and much better performance.

Why is my AC making noise?

Some of the earliest warning signs include hearing unfamiliar noise from the system. The noise from an air conditioner is not only annoying. It also means that the whole unit may be in danger. Sometimes people falsely assume that the noise from their HVAC could be a sign of high performance. But the opposite is true: the system is trying to tell you something. 

The grinding, grating and squealing sounds from the system could mean that something inside the system has been damaged. The strange sound could be because of the broken ball bearings or the friction between metal parts in the system. Maybe the unit needs some lubrication. Schedule an appointment with Action AC if the noise persists to prevent the problem from escalating.

Do air conditioners need to be serviced?

It is necessary to schedule a comprehensive service of your air conditioner on a regular basis. You should do this regardless of the system’s age, as this is the only way to optimize its performance and extend its life expectancy. An AC that is not serviced suffers damage and may eventually become broken beyond repair. 

What happens if AC is not serviced?

There are multiple potential ramifications of not having your AC serviced on a regular basis, including a detrimental effect to your health, but all of it boils down to this: the AC stops working altogether as a result of gradual but inevitable deterioration of the system’s performance. If you’re lucky, you will be able to replace a few parts and restore its functionality. But chances are  you are looking at a costly repair or worse, replacement.

Picture this: you come home on a hot day after taking a group of out-of-town friends to Rancho Bernardo History Museum or Rancho Bernardo Community Park and you turn on the AC, waiting impatiently for that wonderful cooling sensation. But there is none. Your trusted air conditioner has failed you.The air coming out of the unit is nowhere near as cool as you expected it to be. If anything, it feels even hotter than it is outside. 

You need to be concerned if the air that is coming out of the vents is not as cold as it used to be or it is not even cold at all. Maybe the system has a low level of Freon or the compressors have stopped working, and that’s why it is not releasing cold air anymore. This is a problem that can only be sorted out if you schedule a reliable air conditioning service at the first sign of trouble.

Why does the AC smell bad?

Do you smell some strange odor that is emanating from your air conditioner? This could be a sign that all is not well with the system. Foul smell coming from the AC is a common complaint we get from our customers. 

The smell of something burning could mean that the wire insulation of the unit has burned out and the whole system is overheating. Musty smells from the vents could mean that the molds which are inside the unit are burning out.

In this case, you should contact our professional technicians to remove them so as to prevent them from clogging the vents and the ducts. You should also be wary of any smell as ignoring it can lead to a high-magnitude damage in the whole air conditioning unit.

Upgrade with an AC replacement for a higher standard of comfort

If you’ve been waiting too long to fix your AC, things might have gotten out of hand. Your AC might be beyond repair. The repair could be possible but too complicated and expensive. Maybe the system is simply outdated and you are frustrated by its poor performance and low energy efficiency. Perhaps it’s time to replace the unit altogether? 

Here at Action AC, we will suggest the best solution and help you upgrade your air conditioning system to help utilize the latest technology and ensure consistent indoor comfort. Our team can handle AC replacement in Rancho Bernardo efficiently and at your convenience. 

Get professional AC maintenance that will not let you down

Sometimes it is better to be without an air conditioner than having a broken one. A damaged HVAC will not only deliver short of what you expect, but it will also strain your finances. An air conditioning system that lacks proper maintenance or needs repair may continue to work, but you will be frustrated and disappointed with its poor performance.

You may not be able to detect what’s wrong with the AC all by yourself as this requires a high level of expertise. But you can notice if your AC is no longer performing like it used to and have the leading HVAC experts in Rancho Bernardo come in. It is always wise to be on the lookout for any suspicious signs so as to detect the problem early and have your AC contractor perform prompt maintenance and repair.

Why is my air conditioning bill so high?

Skyrocketing energy bills are no fun, especially if your air conditioner is not delivering optimal results. If the bills are going up although your daily routine in terms of frequency of use of the AC and other electrical appliances has stayed the same, the AC might be to blame. 

Namely, a damaged AC tends to be less efficient when it comes to consuming electrical energy. It will try to compensate for the effects of the damage by using more energy than expected. Do not just assume that the high bills you are receiving are a result of inflation. 

To put your mind at ease, schedule your AC for check-up and repair.

How often should AC coils be cleaned?

Professionals in Rancho Bernardo and across the area recommend having the AC coils cleaned at least once a year. This helps minimize energy consumption and reduce energy bills. According to some estimates, something as simple as a dirty condenser and evaporator coils could increase the energy consumption by as much as 30 percent or more.

Why is my AC barely blowing air?

A weak flow of air is not only an inconvenience, but also a major problem. Whether it is cold or hot air, it needs to flow out smoothly. On the other hand, a broken air conditioner will let out a small amount of air or none at all. To detect the cause, you will need to have a professional come in. The potential culprits include:

  • Issues with the compressor, which is typically a major issue which requires an urgent AC service.
  • Issues with the ductwork, especially if parts of the room are getting cold air and others are not.
  • Issues with the vents, such as if debris gets stuck in the vents and prevents air from flowing out freely. If that is the case, the vents will be cleaned up thoroughly during the repair, removing all the dust, dirt and debris.

Put your air conditioning in Rancho Bernardo & other areas into our care

Quality air conditioning repair in Rancho Bernardo Some like it hot, but they might change their minds if they lived in Rancho Bernardo. Your AC needs to deliver if you want to avoid having to brave the extreme heat in your own home. And that’s where we come in. Contact Action AC and find out why we are a trusted choice for AC repair and related services across San Diego. 

Our team consists of responsible NATE-certified professionals with experience in the field. Regardless of the age and type of your AC, count on us to provide all air conditioning services using dependable tools and materials. We employ effective procedures based on the highest industry standards to achieve reliable long-term results quickly and efficiently.

Action AC serves the entire area of Rancho Bernardo and its surroundings. We can perform minor and major AC repairs in Vista, schedule your annual maintenance in Poway or recommend an air conditioning system upgrade in Escondido.  You can also rely on us for quick and efficient AC replacement anywhere in San Diego. Schedule your appointment today and put your AC in safe hands.