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Action Air Conditioning and Solar of San Diego is your trusted provider of a broad scope of services for your air conditioning system, from installation, service and maintenance to repairs and replacement in Poway. 

Rely on us for professional assistance from day one, when you need to decide on the unit for your property, to year-round support to ensure its maximum performance and energy efficiency. We strive to provide indoor comfort solutions in the long run because we are in this as your go-to AC service contractor in San Diego for the long haul, and we also offer a satisfaction guarantee for your protection and peace of mind.

Air conditioning installation on your Poway property

Browse our large selection of air conditioners and find one that matches the needs, layout and size of your home or office. We will offer our professional opinion and recommendations to help you make a smart choice and find a long-term solution for your indoor comfort. 

Our team of highly qualified, NATE-certified technicians can then proceed to install your air conditioning system and guide you on the best practices for its use.

What is the best AC temperature to sleep?

Experts recommend keeping your bedroom temperature lower than the temperature in other parts of the house. We are better off sleeping in a room that’s cool than one that’s too warm. This is healthier and more natural. 

What size AC do I need? 

Quality AC repair in Poway

When it comes to air conditioning, size does matter. Most people find themselves in an ugly situation because they mad

e the mistake of purchasing an improperly sized AC unit. An oversized unit will not be efficient, and neither will an undersized one.

Before rushing to purchase an air conditioner and schedule its installation in Poway, you should ensure that the size of the room or house matches the unit capacity. The better the match, the higher the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, and the longer its lifespan.

We will help you make a worthwhile investment by recommending the right unit size for your needs.

Where should the AC be placed

A poor choice of location for your air conditioning system may backfire. The placement of an AC will determine its effectiveness and energy efficiency. Many people fail to put enough thought into where to locate their air conditioners. The only thing that worries them is whether the unit will deliver or not. 

But they tend to forget that factors such as the layout of the room, vicinity of doors and windows or obstacles such as massive pieces of furniture can have a huge impact on the unit’s performance. Installing the unit in the farthest corner of your house or behind furniture will lead to skyrocketing energy bills. 

Here at Action AC, we can help you determine the optimal location for your indoor unit, one that can help optimize its performance.

Quality AC repair in Poway: solutions you can trust

Some people still believe that air conditioning repair is one of the simple DIYs. They rush to start fixing issues whenever they discover that the system is not performing as expected. In most cases, rather than fixing the problem, they end up making things worse. It is only then that they decide to call in a technician, making the repair more complicated, more costly and more time-consuming. 

Air conditioning repair and maintenance is quite a complex field that should only be handled by experts. If and when you discover or start to suspect a problem with your AC in Poway, call us right away and we’ll rush to your aid.

How long should it take for the AC to cool my house?

So you’ve come home from a day at Lake Poway or a long hike of the Mount Woodson Trail. You long to enjoy that cool air coming from your AC. But it’s taking forever. What gives? 

How long it will take for your AC to cool your home depends on various factors:

  • The power, size, capacity and age of your AC
  • The difference between the temperature in your home and the temperature outside

It’s safe to assume that it would take 3 hours for a properly functioning central air conditioning system to lower the indoor temperature in your four-bedroom home by 10 degrees. 

Why does my AC compressor shut off after 2-3 minutes?

This is called short cycling and it may mean that your system is low on freon. It may also mean that there is a leak. This is a major issue and you should schedule AC repair as soon as possible.

Reliable air conditioning service for lasting performance

There are some things that you may unknowingly do that can compromise the state of your AC. Among the most common mistakes that homeowners in Poway make while using their air conditioners is not what you do but what you fail to do: have your AC serviced on a regular basis. Much like your car, your AC cannot function without proper care and maintenance. And that’s where we come in. We’ll make sure your AC stays up and running during all the seasons of the year.

How long should AC stay off between cycles?

Your AC runs in cycles, the purpose of which is to reach and maintain your desired indoor temperature. A normal AC cycle usually lasts for 15 or 20 minutes. Factors which may shorten or lengthen the cycle and affect the frequency of the cycles include:

  • The quality of insulation
  • The outside temperature
  • Whether the AC was properly sized and optimized to the size of your indoor area
  • The state of your AC: functionality and performance
  • Thermostat settings

How often should AC kick on?

The number of AC cycles depends on multiple factors. An AC that is properly sized and fully functional will run in two or three 15-minute cycles per hour if the outside temperature is mild. If the cycle is shorter, it may mean that you have purchased an oversized system. We will help you size your air conditioner in accordance with the needs of your home or office. 

Is it better to let AC run all day?

People assume that running the AC all day long is better for the system and costs less than turning it on and off because they believe the system will never be forced to overwork itself. If you want your air conditioning system to run most efficiently, run it at full speed. 

If your indoor temperature is 80 degrees and you are aiming for 75 degrees, the system will have to run at full speed to get you those results fast, and it may get noisy. But if you leave the AC running all day long, the system will run at a considerably less powerful speed, but end up consuming much more energy over the course of the process.

Schedule a replacement & upgrade of your AC in Poway

If you’ve been waiting too long to fix your AC, things might have gotten out of hand. Your AC might be beyond repair. The repair could be possible but too complicated and expensive. Maybe the system is simply outdated and you are frustrated by its poor performance and low energy efficiency. Perhaps it’s time to replace the unit altogether? Upgrading your air conditioning system will help utilize the latest technology and ensure consistent indoor comfort.

Save yourself the headaches with regular AC maintenance

Regular AC maintenance is your safest best against costly repairs and a considerably shorter life span. When you’re making an investment in an AC unit, you want to make sure that the investment is worth your while and that it will secure your indoor comfort in the long run. 

Routine repair and maintenance helps optimize the function of your air conditioner, so the system can deliver its best. Most homeowners in Poway only think about maintenance once they start to suspect or discover a serious problem in the unit. 

At Action Air, we do more than just a check-up. We carry out a deep analysis of the system to check for all the potential problems. From there, our technicians either perform repairs or part replacement.

How do you clean a wall air conditioner without removing it?

Although we suggest having the filters replaced every 3 months or so, here is a step-by-step process of cleaning your indoor unit and filters without removing it:

  • Disconnect the unit
  • Remove the filter and soak it in warm, soapy water
  • Remove the case
  • Vacuum and wipe down
  • Spray the unit lightly using warm, soapy water
  • Brush down the fins softly
  • Leave to dry, put everything back in place and reassemble

The importance of clean AC air filters

Quality air conditioning services in Poway, CA A routine maintenance practice that you should do is clean the filters on your AC. But many people forget about it but continue running the AC, which then releases harmful particles into the indoor air. A dirty AC filter does not only make you pay high electricity bills but also compromises the quality of air in the room.

Aside from the detrimental health effect, there is the risk of rising energy bills, as well as major malfunctions and costly repairs. Something as simple as a dirty filter could lead to an air conditioning repair that costs a fortune. 

But did you know that a simple cleanup of the filter can reduce your energy bills by almost 10%? During their course of operation, filters accumulate dust particles which affect their efficiency. Cleaning or replacing the filter is a simple and effective way to take care of that.

Your trusted partner for air conditioning services in Poway & the region

As a resident of Poway, there is one thing that you would never want to leave to chance – the performance of your air conditioning. You need your air conditioning system to function without a hitch, otherwise you will be forced to bear extreme temperatures. 

So what can you do to protect your AC from damage? Contact Action AC, San Diego’s top choice for air conditioning repair. Put your AC in the safe hands of our expert technicians and experience reliable AC services across Poway and the surrounding communities. We are also at your service for recommendations and replacement of the air conditioning system on your San Diego property.

Call us to schedule your AC repair or replacement in Oceanside, inquire about AC service in maintenance in Rancho Bernardo or request air conditioning installation or upgrade in Vista. We render services to high professional and industry standards, restoring your indoor comfort and peace of mind at the same time.