For residents of Perris, CA and the surrounding areas, Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta offers top quality heating and furnace installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement.

Our professional team of NATE certified technicians are respected HVAC experts. They are very experienced and knowledgeable in heating system repair and installation. We serve San Diego and Riverside Counties, and our customers depend on our great reputation for integrity and flawless customer service. It is well known that we have great expertise in HVAC installation and repair. Our strong commitment to top quality customer service shows, on every step of your contact with us.

Winter weather can get cold in Perris, so a well-functioning heater is needed. With Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta, you will be confident that your furnace will be a good source of heating. Heater repairs, scheduled maintenance or a furnace replacement are just some of the HVAC services we provide. Our professional HVAC technicians and customer service representatives will take great care of you, paying close attention to detail every step of the way.

quality heating installation in Perris
At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta, we offer the best customer service and top rated service for home heating systems. Since 1975, our team of professional heating repair technicians have completed quality work for many homeowners. Benefits of an efficient heating system include reducing your carbon footprint, keeping your home warm during the winter and lowering your power bill. If your heating system is becoming a problem, do not hesitate to call us!

Choices can be overwhelming with all of the different heating systems available. We will assist you in finding the best choice for a new heating system in your home. We will take good care of you, whether you are installing a new heater, or replacing an old heating system. It is very crucial to us that your heating system functions well, and at peak efficiency. If you join our maintenance plan, we will visit your home twice per year to keep your HVAC system maintained in top condition. Top quality heating repair services is what we offer customers in this area.

Top quality heating installation & replacement

If a heating system replacement is needed for you, Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar of Murrieta will help you choose the best new heating system. The efficiency of your home heating system relates to the power usage and how much money you can save on your utility bill. We do everything the right way to be sure your system attains the maximum efficiency, and we take great care of our customers.

Regular maintenance is recommended on your heating system, to keep it in top optimal working condition. Our maintenance program is customized and designed especially for you. We schedule regular maintenance visits to perform maintenance on your heating system. Doing this prevents breakdowns, and increases heating efficiency. Assisting you with the lowering of your heating bills is our goal.

How long does it take to install a new heating system?

We will handle your heating system installation or replacement quickly and efficiently. Making the service visit convenient for you is important for us. A variety of factors can cause the time to increase, such as if you need to do a full heating system installation, or a partial HVAC replacement.

On average, replacement of an HVAC system, including the ducts, takes around three days. One day for the system replacement, and two days for the ductwork to be completed is common. More extensive ductwork can take longer, sometimes up to three to four days.

What size furnace is best for a 1500 square foot home?

We will help you pick the best sized heating system for your home in Hemet, Perris or any other parts of Riverside County. A 1500-square-foot home typically uses 25-30 BTU per square foot. The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the system used to measure heat output.

A common problem with a small furnace is that it will run too frequently and will not heat the space enough. There is a good probability that a smaller heating system would break down sooner than a correctly sized system would. A heating system that is too large will also have several problems, one of the problems would be cycling on and off too frequently. Turning on and off too frequently causes excessive wear and tear. Higher utility bills will result in both situations.

The proper sizing of the furnace is usually the best way to be confident about good heating system performance, as well as being sure that savings on energy bills will happen over the long term. Our team will be glad to help you answer this important question.

Best quality heating system repairs in Perris

An efficient and well maintained heating system will make a warm home for you in the winter. Our professional HVAC technicians have extensive experience in repairing all types and sizes of heating systems. We offer the best quality HVAC services in Perris and other nearby cities in Riverside County. At Action AC, we bring top quality heating system repair services to give you a high level of indoor comfort. If an emergency happens, call our heating repair service, which is available 24/7.

How efficient is a 20 year old furnace?

For furnaces 20 years old or older, typical efficiency is around 60%. With older heater systems like this, heat will frequently be lost and you will lose money running it.

A 20-year old furnace is never as energy-efficient as the more recent models. New furnaces typically have an efficiency rating of 95% or better.

If a furnace replacement is required, an important thing to think about is what the cost will be to repair it. For furnace repair in Murrieta, the repair cost should be a fraction of the cost of a new furnace if it is 15 years old or less. For a furnace that is 20 years old or more, it is very likely that the furnace will have a breakdown soon. A replacement is a good idea for the furnace in cases like this.

Do you have problems with your furnace?

In case of a furnace breaking down, a thorough inspection by a licensed HVAC contractor is the best solution. It is very possible that your furnace may not last much longer. If you notice any of the issues below going on, call us ASAP.

  • An increase in your electric bills
  • Yellow burner flames
  • Repairs because of more frequent malfunctions
  • Evidence of carbon monoxide
  • Dry or dusty air
  • Less efficiency
  • Weird or unusual noises
  • Health problems, including poisoning, respiratory issues, and allergy symptoms

Your skilled heating service technicians in Perris

Unexpected breakdowns of your heating system can be a headache and create extra costs. Issues like this can be avoided by hiring qualified HVAC contractors, such as our company.

We are certified HVAC technicians with extensive experience in servicing and maintenance for all kinds of heating systems in Perris. We will handle the maintenance of your heating system to keep it in the best condition for many years. In addition to HVAC repairs and installation, we offer a scheduled maintenance plan to keep your equipment in the best shape throughout the year. A maintenance schedule will send reminders to you when service is needed. Following a maintenance program, with two visits per year will avoid breakdowns of your heating system for many years to come.

How to tune up a heating system

top heating replacement in Perris
When the winter is approaching, you may want to stay at home instead of going to places such as Motte Rimrock Reserve or Southern California Railway Museum. When at home, it could be the best time to schedule a heating system maintenance tune-up. We recommend that you have maintenance done on your heating system yearly for top heating performance and the health and safety of the occupants of the house.

To do a DIY tune-up, here’s what to do before you call us:

  • Check the thermostat
  • Check if the filter should be cleaned or changed
  • Lubricate furnace motor
  • Check the air/fuel ratio
  • Test electrical controls
  • Check heat exchanger and examine for cracks
  • Inspect the air flow system and clean the evaporator coil

Is it best to service a furnace every year?

It is recommended to service a brand-new furnace every other year, until roughly five or six years have passed. For the most part, furnace manufacturers recommend that you have your furnace inspected every year.

Preventative maintenance is important to extend the working lifespan of a heating system and to increase efficiency for your heater, as well as avoiding heating system repair in Wildomar and Riverside County.

Top quality HVAC services for Perris & the nearby cities

Would you prefer that your heating system be running well in time for the winter? We will increase performance for your heating system and have it work with better efficiency. If your older heating system is not working correctly, we will help you choose a top quality heating system replacement. If a repair is recommended, we will perform the repairs paying great attention to detail, to extend the system’s life and optimize the system’s functionality.

We are able to handle any emergency 24/7. We can do heating repair in Terra Cotta, Glenoak Hills or anywhere else in the nearby areas. If your heater repair is not recommended, we will find a replacement for you and assist you with the installation. We are ready to help, so call us today!