Action Air Conditioning & Heating Installation delivers dependable heating, air conditioning, and ventilation repair service to homeowners of San Diego and South Riverside County, including Murrieta, Temecula, and Lake Elsinore.  We are dedicated to being a reliable source of expertise and professional service to our clients throughout Southern California.

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Providing comprehensive AC & heater repair services in Murrieta

All Action repair and service technicians are NATE-certified, fully trained, and equipped to work with a wide range of HVAC manufacturer brands. Our heating and AC technicians in Murrieta are genuinely passionate about bringing high-quality, warrantied products to their customers’ homes. Indoor Air Quality Services Action offers include everything from air conditioning, heat pump, and furnace repair to air purifier and indoor filtration service. Additionally, we provide free estimates on all of our cooling, heating, and solar repairs.

We are experienced professionals ready to perform expert AC and heating repair or replacement in Murrieta at your convenience. Count on Action AC for a candid and professional approach. Talk to us today and book an appointment for free.


Book the NATE-certified AC & heating repair technicians dedicated to the industry

Since its establishment in 1975, Action has provided genuine customer care, expert knowledge, and competitive pricing. Our technicians can problem-shoot every type of heating and air conditioner system brand and model. We offer exceptional heater services, heat pump replacement, dual fuel furnaces, gas furnace repairs, and more.

For our air conditioning and heating services, we send expert technicians from La Jolla to Murrieta, assuring our wide range of clients that their equipment will last for years. With a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, a technician can accurately diagnose your unit, then provides an estimate of the entire project. Our qualified team will resolve any problems you might have and answer all your questions with genuine, knowledgeable advice. We believe in genuine customer care. Our professional technicians never surprise our clients with unexpected charges or unnecessary repairs to increase the bill!

Count on us for expert repair, regular tune-ups & more 

Action is a dependable heating, cooling, and solar service company, serving Southern California counties. Our services include annual checkups, AC and heating repair services, air purifier or smart thermostat installs, and replacements for solar, cooling, and heating systems at competitive prices. Our team takes the extra steps to approach your project with a sense of urgency. Your indoor comfort is our utmost priority at Action, as our main goal is to provide fast and efficient HVAC service across the Murrieta area. Take advantage of excellent workmanship at a minimal cost.

Voted 2021 Best Heating and AC company – Third Year in a Row

We share the goal of maintaining your home’s optimal comfort. It is common to be a homeowner who wants the best cooling or heating system available, without breaking budgets or the stress of unexpected project delays.

Are you in need of quality AC and heater repair and maintenance services?

Action Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help in Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore as we serve San Diego as well as South Riverside County. With products known for durability and reliability, Action delivers HVAC repair and maintenance services with the utmost professionalism. Our technicians have the industry knowledge and experience to fix your cooling or heating system and make your house cozy again.

Go green: solar installation services

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the rising utility bills each month? With a solar panel system, you can reduce electricity bills significantly, as well as increase your home’s resale value. We only recruit passionate, experienced solar technicians, who undergo NeoVolta Certification and comprehensive training. We have leads who have spent extensive years working in the solar industry. In the sun-abundant region of Southern California, solar is an easy way to decrease carbon-footprint while saving hundreds on reoccurring utility bills.

Ensuring your indoor air quality is our priority

The air quality in your home or office is vital and can not only affect your comfort but risk your health as well. Action will gladly install air purifiers, perform professional air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and inspections, heater repair and tune-ups, and more. We believe your health and indoor comfort are worth every effort, as it can impact the space’s safety and the livelihood of its inhabitants. Since you spend almost 90% of your time indoors, we can ensure that you live and work in a comfortable environment that is free of any possible pollutants.

Our indoor air quality services are an integral part of our comprehensive heating, air conditioning, and cooling service packages. You can count on our help with cleaning your duct system, and we also service carbon monoxide monitors, air filtration systems, furnace repair, and air purifiers that serve the entire house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of heating systems?

When it comes to the different types of heating systems, there are five main categories for you to choose from. Below are the most common types of heating systems available to homeowners in Murrieta and the nearby areas:

  • Forced air systems: This system implements furnace-heated air that is then distributed throughout the necessary area through ducts and vents.
  • Electric systems: The most common type of electric heating system is baseboard heaters controlled with a thermostat.
  • Geothermal systems: This energy-efficient heating system uses heat from the ground and water from ground wells to heat homes or offices.
  • Radiant heat systems: If you have a boiler, you can implement a radiant heating system that uses tubes beneath the floor for heating through hot water.
  • Steam radiant systems: A slightly outdated steam radiant heating system sends hot water through radiators around your space to heat it.

What are the different types of air conditioning systems?

Like the different kinds of heating systems, there are numerous air conditioning technologies you can choose for your home or office space in Murrieta. The following are some common air conditioning systems we can repair at Action:

  • Central AC system: The cooling compressor in the outside unit cools the air before a fan distributes that cool air through a system of ducts and vents.
  • Portable air conditioners: This is a suitable and convenient option for introducing air conditioning to a smaller space.
  • Ductless split systems: This system allows each room in the building to have separate controls for adjusting the intensity and temperature of the AC system.
  • Mini-split systems: A more affordable alternative to the ductless split air conditioning
  • Packaged units: Compact AC system that is best suited for residential spaces without basements.

Can I repair my AC or heater myself?

While some HVAC repairs can be as simple as replacing or cleaning the filter, most of them require the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable technician. If you regularly clean and maintain your unit, and it still doesn’t work as well as it should, do not try to fix it yourself. Instead, call our skilled and dedicated technician for help to avoid causing further damage to your system.

How much does it cost to repair air conditioning?

The cost of air conditioning repair in Murrieta depends on multiple factors, such as the type of the problem, the type of your HVAC system, as well as the repair company you choose, which can either add or save costs. Action Air is here to offer you a wide range of high-quality AC and heating repair solutions in Murrieta along with free estimates, zero-down financing, and exclusive rebates. Contact us today at 760-727-4152 to get a quote from one of our live service representatives.

Who offers reputable AC and heating repair services in Murrieta & the area?

When you reach out to Action AC for advice and recommendations on AC, heater, or furnace repair, and other HVAC services, you receive the most expert-based advice and intricately performed service. We take pride in giving genuine help to our customers, with tailor-made solutions for their homes.

We offer the following heating and cooling services across the entire region of Southern California:

We ensure our technicians will fix your heating, solar, air conditioning, or heating concerns according to industry standards, as well as your highest expectations.  Call us at 760-727-4152 today to book an appointment or ask for a free consultation.

How can the residents of Murrieta find qualified HVAC repair contractors?

How do you ensure that your air conditioner or furnace runs smoothly no matter the weather? With Action’s preferred member programs, annual tune-ups, and regular affordable maintenance, your units can run efficiently in any season. Our team of trained, experienced, and certified technicians travel from Chula Vista to Murrieta to service homeowners across Southern California. Simply let us know how we can help, and we’ll prioritize your project today.

If you aren’t sure how to perform tasks such as cleaning your air conditioner in winter, or how to protect it from the elements, our team will gladly do it for you. Not only will we take the burden off your hands, but we will also perform every task with care and attention to detail. Whether it’s air conditioner diagnosis, winter maintenance, or even 24/7 emergency HVAC repair service, rely on Action Air Conditioning, Heating, and Solar.