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Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar has provided high-quality commercial solar panel installation throughout the San Diego and Southern Riverside County regions. Solar energy is one of the leading choices of renewable energy sources, and our photovoltaic (PV) panels can help reduce your company’s monthly expenses and save on your bottom line. Looking for solar energy solutions in San Diego? We have you covered.

*Note – Don’t miss out! As of January 1, 2021, the U.S. government will reduce the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) from 26% to 22%. If you own or manage a business in the San Diego area and want to take advantage of higher tax credits from the government – all while saving money – call Action Air today.

All of our solar installations are custom designed to meet your organization’s specific needs and we will never try to sell you on more solar than you need – or can afford. When you want a solar installation at your business in San Diego, contact the experts at Action Air to start decreasing your monthly utility bills right away!


Solar Installation in Ramona

“Aside from the fact that we are very happy with the solar project, it looks and works great. The installation process was completed as scheduled and planned, and the guys doing the work were probably the most considerate and professional crew wer have ever had working at the house.”

– Marilyn & Stephen Kahle, Owners, Woof ‘n Rose Winery

Benefits of Commercial Solar for Small Businesses

We believe that commercial solar is not just for big companies. In fact, we specialize in helping homeowners and small businesses reduce their energy bills – and their carbon footprints – with affordable, custom solar solutions. Installing solar at your small business provides many benefits for your company, your customers, and your local community. They include:

Energy Savings – the most obvious benefit to installing a commercial solar system at your small business is the decrease in energy costs.

Market Appeal – becoming a “green” company can actually increase your sales by improving your appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Give yourself a leg up over the competition and go green. Nobody will hold it against you and it may even help you win over others.

Clean Energy – the electricity generated by solar panels is 100 percent renewable, predictable, and reliable. Solar energy production can be very accurately predicted—meaning you know how much you can expect your system to produce before you even install it!

And More! – to learn more about the benefits of installing a commercial solar system at your small business, contact the solar experts at Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar today!

Protection From Unexpected Rate Increases


As a southern California business owner, you’ve seen your electricity rates climb by more than 50 percent since 2000 alone. In June 2013, SDG&E announced that they would be raising rates for commercial energy users even further:

I am letting you know, all businesses will see a noticeable increase in their energy costs in September.

What can you expect? Depending on your energy use, you could see an overall monthly bill increase of 11% to 18%.

– Jessie J. Knight, Jr.
Chairman and Chief Executive Office, SDG&E

So what can you do to combat these rising energy costs and protect your company’s bottom line? You can reduce your energy consumption through implementation of energy efficiency improvements, produce your own energy with a solar electric system, or both.

Give us a call today to learn how we can help you protect your business from higher energy costs.