HVAC Repair in San Diego & Southern Riverside County, CA

Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar is the leading residential HVAC repair company serving the San Diego metropolitan area. Our HVAC technicians are trained and certified to repair all major types of heating and cooling equipment, including:

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

On a hot summer day there’s nothing worse than discovering your air conditioner is broken. Even if your air conditioner is still turning on or blowing cold air through your registers, you may still need a professional HVAC technician to inspect your unit. If you experience any of the signs below, consider scheduling AC repairs:

  • Your air conditioner doesn’t cycle on or off
  • Your air conditioner is leaking fluid
  • Your air conditioner’s coils are frozen
  • Your air conditioner disperses warm air through your registers
  • Your air conditioner turns on and off frequently
  • Your air conditioner has a loud “buzzing nose”

Common Heat Pump Problems

A heat pump can serve to heat and cool your home and operates year-round. The life expectancy of a heat pump is between 12 – 16 years. But, it may need an occasional repair along the way. Call Action Air if your heat pump is experiencing any of the problems below:

  • Your heat pump does not heat or cool your home
  • Your heat pump is causing energy bills to skyrocket
  • Your heat pump makes strange noises
  • Your heat pump does not operate in one of its operating modes (heating or cooling)

Common Furnace Problems

Although it doesn’t get too chilly in the San Diego area too often, homeowners throughout southern California depend on their furnaces to keep them warm during the winter. If your energy bills increase during the winter or your furnace simply won’t turn on, call Action Air immediately! Other common furnace problems include:

  • Your furnace makes strange noises
  • Your furnace is not heating your home
  • Your furnace disperses cold air rather than warm air
  • Your furnace’s pilot light is yellow or orange in color (instead of blue)

Why Choose Action Air for HVAC Repair?

With decades of experience in the San Diego area and a fully NATE-certified HVAC staff, you can count on Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar to provide you with HVAC repair you can trust. We have thousands of satisfied customers, resulting in much of our business coming in the form of repeat customers.

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