Heat Pump Repair San Diego and San Marcos

Although heat pumps have exceptional durability, they’ll eventually require maintenance or repair services to keep them running properly. If your heat pump has stopped working and you need heat pump repair in San Diego or the surrounding area, contact Action Air today.

Action Air has provided the San Diego, CA area with heat pump repair since 1975. We service all major heat pump brands and have the experience and certifications to diagnose and repair any heat pump problems you may be experiencing. Contact us if you are experiencing any of the following problems with your heat pump:

Heat Pump is Not Heating or Cooling Sufficiently 

If your heat pump is producing less heated or cooled air than it normally does, it may have a leak or need to be recharged.

Heating Costs are Increasing

If you notice that your heating costs are up, your heat pump may be working less efficiently and be in need of repair. Alternatively, it could simply be an improper temperature control setting or not using your thermostat correctly.

Compressor is Frozen

Heat pump compressors must go through defrost cycles in the winter to avoid freezing. If your heat pump does not defrost properly and freezes, it may be due to snowfall or debris blocking condensation drainage. In the spring and summer, frozen heat pumps can also be caused if you have dirty air filters.

These are just a few of the common problems that heat pump owners sometimes encounter. If you are facing any of these three issues or something else, contact Action Air today for quick diagnoses and repair of your heat pump.

Qualified Heat Pump Repair Technicians

Heat pump repair should only be performed by a trained and certified heat pump repair technician. At Action Air, all of our technicians are certified by NATE, a certification organization for HVAC professionals.