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Did you know furnaces older than 10 years are considered outdated and could be putting your home & safety at risk?

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It’s important to understand the health and safety hazards of an outdated heating system. Our team of experts will provide valuable information on how your furnace is affecting your home’s safety and energy bills. We pair you with the most cost-efficient, highly rated products and provide custom recommendations to meet your home’s unique heating needs.

At Action Air, we install only the highest-quality furnace brands with trained and certified furnace installation technicians. Your furnace installation technician will perform a personal, in-depth evaluation and consultation of your home and recommend a furnace that is appropriately sized to meet your family’s home heating needs.

A new furnace has several benefits for your home over old heating systems. Furnaces have advanced a lot over the last ten years. New heating systems are smaller, safer, and far more efficient than furnaces of the past.

Installing a new heating system will not only improve the level of comfort in your home, but also save you money. With electricity rates increasing, improving the efficiency of your home’s heating system can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Our furnace experts will handle all stages of a furnace replacement to insure maximum comfort and savings – from choosing a new heating system that’s right for you to quality installation with Action Air Certified Technicians – we are here every step of the way.

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace


Action Air will install the perfect system to meet your comfort needs.

Even if your home currently has a working furnace, replacing your furnace with a newer, safer model provides many advantages to homeowners. There is a major difference between an old system that works and a new system that works well.


    Often, homeowners will find that their furnaces systems are operational, but their homes never attain the level of comfort that is expected. This is especially common in older homes with heating systems that are more than ten years in age. Older furnaces also require more gas to create heat.


    In addition to decreased energy costs, replacing your furnace with a more energy efficient system will save you in long term repair costs. The oxide required for older furnaces is known to destroy valves, cause gaskets to leak, and bearings to go dry, inevitably creating more risk of malfunctioning parts or total system breakdown. The older a furnace is, the more likely its parts will malfunction, causing repairs to become gradually more expensive.


    A furnace is considered outdated if it is older than 10 years. Outdated furnaces pose serious safety threats to your home and health. Carbon monoxide poisoning is especially common with outdated furnaces. Older pilot lights are typically controlled manually, and even a slight adjustment defect can produce carbon monoxide gas. House fires caused by pilot lights, bad ventilation, and/or gas line leaks are another major safety hazard of an outdated heating system.


    Improvements to your home help increase your property’s overall value. If you decide to sell your home, it may be appraised at a higher value because you took the time to upgrade your HVAC system.

Gas, Electric or Dual Furnace Replacement

Whether your existing furnace is gas or electric, our experts will fully assess your home’s heating needs and help you pick a product that will most effectively heat your home. Gas furnaces are typically more advantageous for homeowners than electric, and will save you more on energy costs. Our new state-of-the-art gas furnaces are quieter, safer and more efficient than older models, providing superior performance and energy savings!

If you have an existing heat pump, electric furnace, or gas furnace, replacing your system with a dual fuel furnace can help you realize big savings on your monthly heating and cooling bills. A dual fuel furnace uses an energy efficient heat pump to heat and cool your home until temperatures reach a range where the heat pump can no longer effectively heat your home. A secondary furnace, usually gas fueled, then turns on to supply heat. These dual fuel systems provide ultimate energy efficiency and comfort!

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At Action Air, we don’t stop at designing and building energy-efficient HVAC systems in San Diego — we also help you reduce your energy bills by providing you with our unique commercial and residential solar energy solutions.

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Similar to a home HVAC offerings, our commercial HVAC solutions provide your organization’s heating and cooling demands, pinpointing key energy performance metrics on how your business can save money updating your current system by providing to you a detailed energy and HVAC analysis of your facilities.

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We will work with you to identify how you can improve your home’s energy production, comfort, improve resale value, and determine your solar needs. Contact Action Air today and to schedule a Home Energy Performance test on your home.

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