Furnace Installation in San Diego and Southern Riverside County, CA

Need furnace installation in your San Diego, CA area home? Action Air provides high-quality furnace installation for residents in San Diego County, Riverside County and North County, California.

At Action Air, we install only the highest-quality furnace brands with trained and certified furnace installation technicians. With energy prices on the rise, new furnace installation can help you significantly cut your home’s heating bills.

Your furnace installation technician will perform a personal, in-depth evaluation and consultation of your home and recommend a furnace that is appropriately sized to meet your family’s home heating needs.

What to Consider When Installing a New Furnace

  • How long you plan to live in your house
  • Special comfort needs
  • Fuel availability
  • Fuel cost
  • Geographic area and climate

Your furnace installation technician will take these factors into consideration during your furnace consultation and make a recommendation based on the above factors as well as your personal home comfort needs.

Gas Furnace Installation

In Southern California, with some of the highest electricity prices in the nation, a natural gas furnace is a smart economic choice. Gas furnaces operate more efficiently than electric furnaces – meaning lower heating costs!

An older gas furnace could waste as much as 45 percent of the heat it generates! A new furnace installed by Action Air can operate with as high as 97 percent efficiency, meaning instant cost-savings on your heating bill and greater home comfort when the temperature drops.

Electric Furnace Installation

If gas is not an option at your home or business, installing an electric furnace is a great alternative. Electric furnaces are a safe and effective way to heat your home or business if natural gas hookups are not available. Additionally, they are an excellent backup for geothermal and ground source heat pumps.

Dual Fuel Furnace Installation

Do you have or are you considering a heat pump installation for your home or business? Heat pumps are an affordable and efficient way to heat your home, but they only perform well in temperatures approximately 40 degrees or higher. If you are in an area that experiences temperatures below 40 degrees, we recommend a dual fuel furnace installation. A dual fuel system will use a heat pump to heat your home in temperatures over 40 degrees, but will switch to a back-up heat source, such as a gas or electric furnace if temperatures dip below.

Why Choose Action Air for Furnace Installation?

Action Air has been providing furnace installation in the San Diego area since 1975. Families in southern Riverside County and North County have trusted Action Air with all their heating needs for nearly four decades. No matter your furnace service needs, contact Action Air today.