Get Your Home Ready and Stay Ahead of El Niño’s Impact This Winter

Posted on: January 20, 2016

The strong winds, rain, and thunderstorms created by El Niño is causing an unseasonably cold winter for Southern California. More recent reports have revealed that El Niño’s impact is stronger than originally predicted, and expected to last through Spring 2016. Southern Californian’s appreciate our usually warm environment, here are a few tips on how to keep your home cozy this winter.

Replace Your Outdated Heating System

Over time, furnaces, even those that are well maintained, will eventually need to be replaced. Furnaces wear down and efficiency levels gradually reduce, decreasing the comfort of your home and increasing your energy bills. Since all of Southern California will be cranking the heat this winter, replacing your outdated heating system with a more efficient model will, without doubt, save you hundreds or thousands on your energy bills annually.

Our San Diego area furnace replacement technicians can assess your needs and recommend a new gas, electric or dual fuel furnace for your home today and have your new heating system installed in a timely and professional manner.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

Not only will you be saving big bucks with a new heating system, but you will also create a safer environment for your home. Replacing your outdated heating system is the best way to safeguard your home against fires, expensive repairs, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The flooding caused by excessive rain this winter creates a major concern for the many flood-prone areas in Southern California. Check the surrounding areas of your home for any issues such as potholes, rocks/mudslides, plugged storm drains, water flowing down your driveway, etc. These minor problems can quickly turn dangerous during a major flood without the proper precautionary action. Contact your County Department of Public Works Road Service to resolve any potential problems. Here are some useful resources about El Niño and Flood and Disaster preparedness: