What you need to know before installing a split AC system

In recent years, the ductless air conditioning systems have been gaining in popularity. We at Action AC have witnessed more and more requests for ductless air conditioning installation in San Diego. If you are interested in installing a split AC system, you have probably read through many mini splits reviews to gain an insight into ductless AC benefits.

There are certain things you need to know before deciding on installing a split AC system. In this article, we help you understand what mini splits are, how they work, and if they are a great fit for you and your home. 

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist San Diego Homeowners Need

Thinking about your home air conditioning system only when it breaks down is not only undesirable, but can be very costly. You need the system to keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer, which it can do only if it’s in top shape. In order to keep it that way, regular maintenance should be a part of your routine.

Air conditioning maintenance San Diego is the way to go for optimal system condition and costs. Waiting for something to break down means not just costly repairs, but also more electricity usage. Your air conditioner maintenance checklist should include a schedule for maintaining your system, plus additional visits from HVAC professionals to keep it in optimal shape.

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Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Diego

Your home AC unit is one of the many amenities a modern home presents. However, in order for it to be fully operational and work without faults, it has to be regularly maintained. Seeing as you are going to need it during the summer, springtime is the ideal time to think about air conditioning maintenance San Diego possibilities.

Better to be safe than sorry, which means that you shouldn’t wait for any potential breakdowns during peak temperatures. Instead, call HVAC professionals in time before they are busy so you can have a timely checkup performed. This will bring you several benefits.

Reduced energy bills

A system which is regularly and properly maintained is likely not only to keep your energy bills at a constant level, but also reduce them. When it is clean, the AC unit functions more smoothly and reliably, leaving out the possibilities of unpredictable breakdowns.

No additional repairs

Breakdowns usually occur in units which aren’t regularly maintained. The preventative check-ups eliminate the possibility of breakdowns and expensive repairs. They serve to find any potential problems in time, before they evolve into something more serious.

Longer AC unit life

All AC units have a certain lifespan, depending on the model and make. However, if regular maintenance is performed, this can be extended significantly. This works through the process of making it more efficient with cost-effective plans.

Retain the warranty

Every manufacturer has certain warranties on its products and this is also true for AC systems. But, if there aren’t regular HVAC check-ups, the manufacturer can decide to pronounce the warranty void. This is why, apart from changing filters, it is necessary to perform regular check-ups to extend the warranty as much as possible.

The spring AC maintenance checklist

There are several steps which can be taken to ensure your AC unit will be prepared for the summer and its scorching temperatures.

Uncover the outdoor coil

Sometime it is a good idea to protect the outdoor coil with some type of cover to protect it during the winter. These covers need to be removed in the spring before turning on the unit, so as not to result in damage.

Check the panels

Outdoor panels have a safety purpose in connection to the HVAC system. If one of them was moved or ripped out because of strong wind, they need to be realigned for safe operation.

Remove any debris

The mentioned outdoor panels can also catch some excess debris, which will limit their functionality. Any type of dust, pollen, or other debris should be removed timely from the coils and panels and their surrounding area.

Change the filters

A routine clean-up or replacement of air filters is one of the things which best ensures your AC will function properly and efficiently.

#1 Air Conditioning Maintenance San Diego services

It’s springtime and your AC unit needs maintenance, so why not call the pros? Action Air provides expert services in the San Diego area, helping you to fully reap the benefits of your home, knowing you have taken every necessary precaution.

What Should I Ask AC Installation Companies in San Diego?

A large portion of the home budget goes to pay the mortgage and the utilities. The HVAC system accounts for a considerable part of those utilities. Since buying a new AC unit off-season is recommended, let’s discuss what you should ask AC installation companies in San Diego as you shop around for estimates.

It’s worth your time and money to make an informed shortlist of AC installation companies in San Diego. It’s important that you find a company that will evaluate your needs accurately, carry out the project as agreed and install the system properly, so that you can enjoy the system’s full potential.

Apart from asking your friends and relatives for recommendations and checking online reviews, you should also ask the prospective company the following questions.

What size AC do I need?

If you shop around for estimates, you’ll notice that different AC installation companies in San Diego will assess your needs differently. For this reason, you should also follow-up with: How did you determine that? Knowing the factors that a company considers to evaluate your needs will give you an idea of how thorough and serious they are. You could also ask why they take/don’t take certain factors into consideration. Remember that getting an oversized AC doesn’t translate into more efficiency or comfort.

What guarantees do you offer?

Do you offer any guarantee for the workmanship? Is there a service contract included? What’s the warranty period for the unit?

Do I have to replace the ductwork as well?

It’s generally advisable that you replace the ductwork with the new system, for several reasons. First, the capacity of the ductwork should match the capacity and specifications of the system. If you buy a more efficient unit, but leave the old ductwork, you will probably have problems with airflow. Secondly, the older the ductwork, the higher the likelihood of cracks and leaks.

Are you bonded and insured?

Ask the company to provide proof of this if possible.

Are there any new technologies that I should think about?

Should you give ductless units a thought? What about inverters or remote-operated thermostats?

Is the new unit energy-efficient?

We have explained different energy-efficiency ratings and what they mean for you. You will want to know the SEER rating of the unit the company is proposing and how that affects your comfort and home budget.

What brands do you work with?

Ask the company about their brand preferences and why they love those brands.

Are there any incentives or financing options available?

Ask the company if you qualify for any home energy efficiency programs, like the HERO program. Do they offer any financing options?

Who handles the administration and permits from the local authorities?

It would save you a lot of effort if the installation company does this part of work too.

What’s the installation timeline?

How long will the project take, start to finish? Will you remove the old unit? Do you do the clean-up after you complete the project?

Reach out to Action AC when browsing AC installation companies in San Diego

We hope we helped you with this list of questions. Action AC, Heating & Solar is always at your service, always aiming to provide you highest-quality workmanship and products at the most reasonable rates in the industry. We have been market leaders since 1975 and are committed to many more years of excellence. Check out our online reviews and industry awards. Call us!

Why Is Off-Season the Best Time to Buy Air Conditioner?


Are you wondering about the best time to buy your new air conditioning system? It’s good you’re asking the most trusted air conditioning service in San Diego! You are probably aware that off-season purchases are always the most money-wise, whether you’re buying a new AC or a new pair of shoes. But are you aware of ALL the advantages of buying or installing an AC in spring/fall? Let’s see together.

You get time

If you’re looking for an air conditioner before the weather gets hot, you have ample time to do your research and really find an AC that will meet your needs. You can do your research online, among friends and family and among professionals. Ask several providers of air conditioning service in San Diego to give you estimates and offers.

You can choose the timing for the installation

It’s possible to buy your system off-season and schedule the installation when the weather is more convenient. This also gives your installer time to customize your AC installation. Time is highly valuable when you are doing a major home project, not just in terms of saving money, but also nerves.

You can explore your cooling needs

Every home is different, as well as family. The best choice of air conditioner will depend on the answers to many questions. Some of these are:

  • What is the size, age and layout of your home?
  • Do you have central air or are you looking to install a system for the first time?
  • If you have a system installed, what are its downsides?
  • Are you looking for specific features – like high energy efficiency or inverters?
  • How well is your home insulated?
  • What is the condition of your ductwork? Is the ductwork design good?

You can research for the best provider of air conditioning service in San Diego

Find a trusted local company to work with for your installation and future HVAC works. Do online research and ask friends and family for recommendations. Getting an experienced HVAC installer could save you considerable money down the road by ensuring your system gets properly installed. Finding the right company to entrust your HVAC system to will also mean you have someone reliable to depend on for your regular maintenance. Remember, regular maintenance will give you the best return on your investment in home comfort.

Call Action AC for a full-range air conditioning service in San Diego

Action AC has been serving San Diego home and business owners since 1975. With decades of experience and commitment to excellence, thousands of satisfied customers and multiple industry-relevant awards, we are confident we can meet all your HVAC needs. Call us!

Buyer’s Guide for Furnaces: Why You Want the Best Heating Installers in San Diego

Buying a furnace, a heat pump or an HVAC system in general, requires due diligence on your part to ensure you make a good investment in your home comfort. You need to decide what kind of equipment you will get (e.g. electric furnace or a gas one, or a heat pump, etc.) and what brand (Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Mitsubishi, etc.). However, it is just as important that you find the best furnace installers you can find in your area. Why? With more than 40 years of experience, Action AC is the top trusted local HVAC contractor when it comes to heating installation and heating repair in Escondido and across San Diego. We’ll tell you why installation matters and what possible problems are.

Comfort, safety and long equipment life

Well installed systems live longer and need fewer repairs throughout their life. Furnace installation (or HVAC installation) is a complex procedure because it doesn’t accept cookie-cutter solutions. Your heating system needs to be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and according to your specific needs.

Proper installation is not just about avoiding hot and cold spots, humidity issues, noisy operation, etc. It’s also about avoiding the likelihood of carbon monoxide leaks, which can happen with gas furnaces.

Get a properly sized system

Your heating system should be sized according to certain parameters. Your HVAC installer should be someone you can rely on to perform calculations to determine the size and capacity you need for your new furnace or HVAC system.

You may think that getting a system or furnace with the same capacity as your current system is enough. However, that may not be true. Your current system may have been incorrectly sized. If you’ve done any remodeling that affected the structure of the space (especially room additions), your system may need improvements. Finally, newer units are more energy-efficient, so a smaller system may fit your needs now.

It’s important to note that it’s not energy-efficient (nor comfort-enhancing) to get the biggest possible system. One of the problems with systems that exceed your needs is they short-cycle, which leads to temperature variance and ramped-up electricity bills.

Have good air distribution

The ductwork of the system is an important part of your HVAC system. Faulty ductwork can put strain on the system, which reduces system’s life. It can also reduce your energy efficiency, wasting your utility money and hindering your comfort.

The size of the ductwork needs to match system output. With ducts that are too narrow, air velocity is increased. This can lead to draft in your home and also result in noisy operation. If the ducts are too wide, air flow may be poor, forcing the system to work harder than actually necessary.

Ducts should also be well sealed and made with good-quality materials. Leaky ducts will waste the conditioned air, make hissing sounds and lead to excess dust, draft and possibly humidity issues.

Ensure proper drainage

Waste water that’s a by-product of your heating/HVAC system’s operation has to be properly drained away. Drain water that pools and accumulates is a safety hazard because of the electrical components of the system. Potential problems don’t stop there, though. There could also be impaired air quality and mold problems. This is quite dangerous in homes where there are sensitive occupants, such as small children, seniors or individuals with respiratory conditions.

Ensure correct exhaust

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of the combustion process that takes place in your gas furnace. It is colorless and odorless and highly toxic. It must be properly and safely vented outside of the building. When furnace flue and damper are improperly sized, carbon monoxide can accumulate.

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Action AC is here to help you for all your heating and HVAC needs in Escondido and across San Diego. Multiple industry-relevant awards, 4 decades of experience, full range of services and thousands of satisfied local customers speak volumes about our professionalism and commitment to YOU. Call us today!

This Is Why You Should Have Your Ducts Sealed Professionally

AC and heating Oceanside experts are better than DIY for duct sealing

We have already presented duct sealing in a previous blog. Being your trusted AC and heating Oceanside contractors, we would like to tell you why you need it.

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Duct Sealing For Energy-Conscious Homes and Offices

how to repair heating ducts Leaky ducts impair the performance of your HVAC system and compromise its health and longevity. Air conditioning and heating Chula Vista expert (and an industry leader across San Diego), Action AC provides duct sealing services to all home and business owners.

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How Can You Alleviate Allergies with Your HVAC?

Heating Escondido - how to alleviate allergies with HVAC

There are times when no matter what you do, you just cannot make those pesky allergy symptoms disappear altogether. In this day and age, in a typical urban setting, potential allergens lurk from every nook and cranny. Dangerous microorganisms can invade your home or office, and even your HVAC unit can become infested with them. But when it comes to air conditioning and heating in Escondido and inland areas, doing without that indispensable element of comfortable living is hardly an option. The good news is that a regularly maintained HVAC unit can greatly contribute to the level of overall indoor comfort and the alleviation of allergies as well. What are the best furnace air filters for allergies? We have the answers.

The quality of indoor air is of paramount importance as it can have a detrimental or beneficial effect on our health. If you have pets, then that’s another reason why you want to make sure your HVAC unit is in top condition. Unless we are careful, our beloved animal friends can unkowingly team up with a poorly maintained HVAC unit to aggravate our allergy symptoms. The bottom line is, you owe it to yourself and your family or employees to do your best and make sure your home or office has the best air quality.

Here’s what you can do to minimize potential allergens in your home or office while enjoying all the advantages of your HVAC unit.

Air Filters

Replacing your air filters is the first step with benefits to your health and reduced energy costs. Low-quality and/or dirty air filters are unable to trap all the unwanted particles and make your unit less efficient to run.


A contaminated duct in your HVAC unit might go unnoticed, but it can be an ideal environment for particles invisible to the naked eye. Clean ducts, on the other hand, mean clean and healthy indoor air. Action AC has trained duct cleaning professionals that use top of the line equipment designed to complete your duct cleaning project correctly and safely.


Humidity is a powerful factor when it comes to HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality. Your air conditioner might make humidity levels too high, while your heating unit does the opposite. This leads to air that is too moist or too dry, both of which can make your allergy symptoms unbearable. For optimum humidity management, you can have a trusted professional install humidifiers and dehumidifiers for you. Newer HVAC units usually come equipped with these.


Ventilating your home or office is absolutely necessary if you want to enjoy your unit without worrying about allergies. Carpets, curtains, cushions, bed covers and the like – all of these can be home to microogranisms that thrive in dust. Without proper ventilation, the air that circulates can carry all these allergens straight into your lungs. Newer units tend to have higher ventilation power.

Consider an Upgrade

The air quality in Escondido and other cities in San Diego can sometimes be moderate. Perhaps the time has come for you to upgrade your unit. Not only do older HVAC units tend to be energy-hogs and potential electrical hazards, they can also aggravate your allergy symptoms. They simply do not have the capacity to filter out the contaminants or to deal with mold growth, which can quickly get out of hand and pose a health risk.

Do you want more advice and help from air conditioning and heating Escondido experts?

Want to know what are the best furnace air filters for allergies? Give us a call. Action AC, Heating & Solar has been San Diego’s go-to HVAC contractor since 1975. Our commitment to exceeding industry standards and customer expectations has earned us a coveted reputation in San Diego communities. We offer a full range of HVAC-related services and blue-ribbon customer care. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for anything you need when it comes to installing, repairing and maintaining your HVAC system!

How Well Do You Know AC Air Filters?

Air conditioning Temedula - all about air Air filters are a small, but important cog in the HVAC wheel. Find out more about what they do, what types there are and how their quality is determined. Make sure you also read up on why maintenance is crucial for your air conditioning Temecula (or any other San Diego are you live in).

What do AC air filters do?

AC air filters are your first line of defense when it comes to ensuring your indoor air quality. They clean the air that flows through your heating and cooling system by trapping dirt, dust, debris and other airborne particles. They also can also remove pollen, mold and spores, fibers, lint and dander, metal, plaster or wood particles and microorganisms such as bacteria.

Are all AC air filters the same?

No, not all AC filters are created the same. There are three most common types of air filters. These are: mechanic, pleated and electronic.

Mechanic filters are the most widely used because they’re economical. Mechanical filters are very simple – they trap particles in the synthetic fibers they contain. They come in 1-inch and 2-inch size, which denotes their thickness. They trap only the largest particles, which means they serve more as protection for the system, rather than a tool for cleaning the air from pollutants. They are also not very durable, and regular cleaning damages their mesh, so they have to replaced more often than some other filter types.

Pleated air filters also use synthetic fibers and paper to trap dust, but they are significantly thicker per square inch than the conventional mechanic filters. They can remove up to 40% of air contaminants.

Electronic AC air filters are the most sophisticated and efficient air filters in the market. They use electricity to attract contaminants, so they can clean the air from smoke, mold and pet odors. In addition to being the most effective in air filtration, these filters are also the most durable type. Electrostatic filters are very similar to them, except that they charge the air in order to attract particulates.

What are MERV ratings?

MERV ratings are a scale that runs from 1 to 16. Air filters are given MERV ratings as indicators of their efficiency and quality. The higher the number on this scale, the better the quality. MERV is short for minimum efficiency reporting value.

This is a rough representation on what you can expect from different MERV ratings.

MERV 1 – 4: These are basic, low-cost filters that serve more as system protection than a thorough air filtration system.

MERV 5 – 8: This category is better at filtering the air and it’s commonly found in residential contexts.

MERV 9 – 12: These filters can be classified as high quality, as they can trap very small particles.

MERV 13 – 16: These are the best quality filters that can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns.

There are filters beyond MERV 16 rating, but they can prove to be obstructive to air flow, so you have to make sure your HVAC system can support such a high rating.

When to change AC air filter?

Depending on the type of filter and the conditions in your home you should change your filters once every month or every three months. However, in some circumstances it may be advisable that you change them every two weeks! In any case, you should check your air filters once a month to see how dirty they are and to look for signs of dampness, moisture or mold. Find out more information in our post specifically dedicated to this matter. You may also be interested in reading about why regular cleaning and replacement of air filters is important.

Air conditioning Temecula experts – here to improve your home’s comfort!

Action AC is an industry-leading local provider of a full range of HVAC-related services. You can rely on us for HVAC installation, repair and maintenance. We offer you regular system check-ups and can also help you set up a whole house filtration system if air quality is your major concern. You can depend our experience that counts over 4 decades and a stellar, hard-earned reputation for a top-notch local HVAC company. Pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment. We are here for you!