Air Conditioning Service Oceanside CA

The mere thought of high energy bills to cool our homes and offices can give us the chills. Here are some ways to maximize the cooling effect of your AC while keeping the monthly bills at a minimum.

Cleaning the AC filters

While running, your air conditioner can gather dust and other particles. Most of these particles find their way to the air filters, and can affect the performance of the whole unit by preventing air from flowing out of the system freely, and forcing the air conditioner to strain. In doing so, more energy is used, directly leading to higher electricity bills. Dust particles can also get into the system and make it malfunction. Whatever the season, always ensure that the air filters in your AC are clean. If possible, replace them, especially if they have been used for more than three months.

Use your curtains

First, ensure that you have high-quality curtains and that they are in good condition. When you leave your home, close the curtains to keep the sunshine out. Your home will heat slower if you do so.

Switch off the thermostat

Most people tend to forget about the thermostat, especially in relation to your monthly bills. If proper attention is not taken, you may end up with huge bills. Turn off the thermostat every time you leave your house or purchase a programmable one. Apart from the convenience that comes with it, you will be able to save some good money.

Inspect your AC unit

Spare some time to inspect your AC unit. You should do so before the onset of the hot season to avoid the last minute rush. Check whether the pipes of your system have been well drained and if everything is in perfect shape. If you spot any issue that makes you feel uncomfortable, get air conditioning service from experts.

Insulate the windows

Well-insulated windows can help you bring the energy bills down. One option is to apply plastic film on the windows. This will prevent sunlight from warming up your home quickly. Another is to have air leaks around windows and doors sealed. Air leaks can incur as much as 20% higher energy costs.

Overall HVAC maintenance

Do not wait until the last minute to check your AC. Be ahead of everyone else by scheduling for air conditioning maintenance service before it gets hot. At Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar, we offer a broad array of air conditioning services ranging from installation to routine maintenance. We can help you stay cool during summer.