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Have you ever asked yourself what your life would look like on winter days in Vista CA without your heater on? Hot summer months without your air conditioning running all day long? For most people, such a thought is unbearable. The air conditioner makes life easier and more comfortable. They regulate the air within enclosed spaces to create a more convenient environment for man. They control four physical features of air, which include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air motion or circulation
  • Dust particles in the air.

Air conditioning units are made to control these four properties to achieve maximum comfort. Some industrial air conditioning units go a step further to provide precise control over odor and air pressure. This extended air conditioning service is aimed at ensuring that they maintain their high level of product quality. In addition, industrial workers need a more favorable working environment to keep them more energized and motivated. AC’s enable them to work more effectively and efficiently in their operation.

In a commercial context, air conditioning makes visitors feel more pleasant so that the overall experience of buying or doing business is smooth and pleasurable.

The procedure of controlling air temperature includes both heating and cooling processes. Air conditioners are used in business establishments such as restaurants, stores, and theaters to attract customers, especially during the hot summer season.

In Vista CA, modern transportation has installed state-of-the-art air conditioners in their buses, aircraft, trains and passenger cars to provide total comfort to the traveling public.

How did people survive without air conditioning?

1. Fire

During prehistoric times, cave dwellers used fire to keep the extreme chill out of their warm caves. If there were no air conditioners, people would have to depend on fires to maintain a warm home in the cold winter months.

2. They built their houses differently

The invention of air conditioners changed the way people build their homes.

  • Before air conditioners, buildings had higher ceilings. This permitted heat air to rise, allowing people to enjoy the cooler space below.
  • Houses had deeper eaves and porches to protect the windows from the sun’s heat.
  • They built trees on the west side of their houses to provide additional shade.
  • Rooms were made with windows on opposite sides to allow cross ventilation and more air movement.

3. They used their porches to cool off during the hot summer months.

Unlike today where people flock into their rooms to cool off, people would sit outside to enjoy a breeze on their porches before air conditioners. The porches were less stuffy than the rest of the house. Some houses had even sleeping porches where people would relax during the summer.

4. Underground level climate control

This is the oldest method of home climate control. Before air conditioning, people lived underground to control home climate. This way, they were able to enjoy temperatures during both summer and winter. Although they were inexpensive to build, they were labor-intensive.

Today, people make large, spacious basements in their modern homes to enjoy cooler summers. As years went by, subsequent developments of temperature control of environment advanced to the use of hearths, ceramic stoves, and open fireplaces.

In 1902, Willis H. Carrier described the energy relationships that exist in air and water vapor. Engineers used these tips to design the first winter and summer air conditioning units. The use of air conditioning gained popularity after World War II. This also ushered in the development of suburban tract housing and the demise of traditional architectural house designs. Thanks to air conditioning, people are able to build homes using cheaper and lighter materials.

The development of air conditioners has brought so much positive change and comfort to everyday lives. It also brought about favorable environments for industries and their workers.

Some U.S. cities experience some of the hottest summers on record. Living in 90-degree weather with humidity over 70 percent can be difficult. The ability to get relief from this oppressive heat with just a push of a button or a flip of a switch is more than welcome. Luckily, companies such as Action Air Conditioning and Heating Solar offer a high-quality air conditioning service.

The development of air conditioning units has played a significant role in the lives of people in these states. Air conditioning has improved the productivity of individuals during the hot summer months. The fresh air that comes along with using an air conditioner is also revitalizing. Today, HVAC is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in every household in Vista CA.