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Sometimes it is better to be without an air conditioner than having a broken one. A damaged HVAC will not only deliver short of what you expect, but it will also strain your finances. Some people tend to believe that as long as you are feeling some change in the room, everything is okay with your AC. This notion is wrong. An air conditioning system that needs repair may continue to work, but its performance will be lower than when you bought it. But, how do you know that your air conditioner needs some repair?

Some problems within the system can be detected by the untrained eye while others can be discovered only by HVAC experts in Rancho Bernardo. It is always wise to be on the lookout so as to detect the problem early. Here are some of the signs which will tell you that your air conditioner needs prompt repair service.

The bills are going up

This scenario assumes that you have not increased the rate of using the system and the frequency at which you use the electrical appliances is still the same. If your energy bills are skyrocketing, then there could be something wrong with your air conditioner. A damaged HVAC tends to be less efficient when it comes to consuming electrical energy. It will try to compensate for the effects of the damage by using more energy than expected. Do not just suppose that the high bills you are receiving are a result of inflation in Rancho Bernardo & Escondido. You could be the only one paying high bills thanks to your broken air conditioner. The situation will not get any better unless you schedule your AC for repair.

There’s no cool air

You have suddenly discovered that during hot weather your house isn’t as cool as it used to be. It is even hotter than outside. The funny bit is that this happens despite having your powerful air conditioner on. Do you think that it is the weather which has just decided to be merciless on you? Don’t be too quick to blame the weather; the air conditioner could be the one that is failing. You need to be concerned if the air that is coming out of the vents is not as cold as it used to be or it is not even cold at all. Maybe the system has a low level of Freon or the compressors have stopped working, and that’s why it is not releasing cold air anymore. This is a problem that can be quickly sorted out by air conditioning repair service.

Unfamiliar noise from the system

When the system can’t bear the damage anymore, it will start ‘crying.’ Sometimes people falsely assume that the noise from their HVAC could be a sign of high performance. The grinding, grating and squealing sounds from the system could mean that something inside the system has been damaged. The strange sound could be because of the broken ball bearings or the friction between metal parts in the system. Maybe the unit needs some lubrication. The noise from an air conditioner does not only mean great danger to the whole unit, but it is also annoying. Don’t hesitate to call a technician if the noise persists, otherwise a bigger problem could be awaiting.

Foul smell

Do you smell some strange odor that is emanating from your air conditioner? This could be a sign that all is not well with the system. The smell of something burning could mean that the wire insulation of the unit has burned out and the whole system is overheating. Musty smells from the vents could mean that the molds which are inside the unit are burning out. You should get a professional technician to remove them so as to prevent them from clogging the vents and the ducts. You should also be wary of any smell as ignoring it can lead to a high-magnitude damage in the whole air conditioning unit.

Weak flow of air

Whether it is cold or hot air, it needs to flow out fully without any limits. A broken air conditioner will only let out a small amount of air, and in some cases, nothing will come out of it. In this situation, the compressor could be having issues, and something needs to be done about it. If parts of the room are getting cold air from the HVAC and others are not, the duct could be the problem. Dust and other debris can also get stuck in the vents, and they can prevent air from flowing out freely. During the repair, the vents will be cleaned up, removing all the dirt and sufficient air will come out of the unit.

Getting professional help

There is always the pleasure of doing technical tasks on your own. However, some jobs require a high level of expertise. Air conditioner repair is one of those tasks which can only be handled by experts in Rancho Bernardo. At Action Air, we commit ourselves to ensuring that you are comfortable at your home regardless of the weather conditions outside. Our HVAC technicians are experienced in repairing any air conditioning problem to ensure you enjoy using your air conditioner all the time.