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As a resident of Poway CA, there is one thing that you would never want to mess with – air conditioning. You would rather joke with other electrical appliances but not an AC. This is because it may be the only thing that makes your home habitable during hot and cold weather. Anything bad that happens to it would mean that you will be forced to bear with heat and cold. In short, you should do all that it takes to protect the HVAC unit from any form of damage. There are some things that you do that can compromise the state of your AC. Here are some of the common mistakes that many homeowners in Poway CA make while using their air conditioners.

Installing the wrong size

When it comes to air conditioning, size does matter. Most people find themselves in an ugly situation as a result of purchasing the wrong size of their AC unit. The size could be too big to fit in a room or too small so that its impact is not felt in all the corners of your big house. Before rushing to do the installation, you should ensure that there is a perfect match between the size of the room or house and that of the unit. A perfect match will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. If you are not sure about the correct size that suits your premises, consider hiring an HVAC technician to help you out. The professional will assess your house and recommend the right unit size.

Fixing the unit yourself

You may be an expert in your field of study, but that doesn’t qualify you to install or repair an AC that has developed some problem. Some people still believe that air conditioning repair is one of the simple DIYs. They rush to start fixing issues whenever they discover that the system is not performing as expected. In most cases, rather than fixing the problem, they end up worsening it only to call in a technician later on. Air conditioning repair and maintenance is quite a complex field that should only be handled by experts. Whenever you discover a problem with your AC, don’t hesitate to call the experts.

Not cleaning the AC filters

A routine maintenance practice that you should do on your AC is clean the filters. Sadly, a lot of people forget or oversee to do so, and end up spending a fortune on air conditioning repair. Did you know that a simple cleanup of the filter can reduce your energy bills by almost 10%? During their course of operation, filters accumulate dust particles which affect their efficiency. A dirty AC filter does not only make you pay high electricity bills but also compromises the quality of air in the room.

Waiting for too long before fixing

A good number of people are used to postponing their problems. Maybe you have a habit that whenever you discover an issue with your unit, you wait until a future date to fix it. This is one big mistake that can be costly. Why wait when you can easily contact an HVAC technician who is within Poway or Rancho Bernardo? As you continue waiting for the perfect time or opportunity, the problem may be growing into something bigger that will make the air conditioning repair an expensive affair.

Poor location

The placement of an AC will determine its effectiveness and energy efficiency. Many people fail to put enough thoughts into where to locate their air conditioners. The only thing that worries them is whether the unit will deliver or not. Installing the unit in the farthest corner of your house or behind furniture will lead to skyrocketing energy bills.

Assuming regular repair and maintenance

Routine repair and maintenance helps ACs to deliver their best. Most homeowners in Poway CA only think about maintenance once they discover a serious problem in the unit. At Action Air, we do more than just a check up. We carry out deep analysis of the system to check for all problems. From there, our technicians either perform the proper air conditioning repair or conduct a replacement.

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