Murrieta Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Why let anything come between you and optimal indoor comfort in your Murrieta home or office? Here at Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar, we have decades of experience handling requests for AC-related services, from installation to replacement. We are here for your Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement, to spare you the hassle and inconvenience of having your AC break down. Speak with us for the most reliable air conditioning repair in Murrieta.

We offer a wide range of AC repair services in Riverside County and perform quick air conditioning repair across the San Diego area, including top-quality services in Murrieta and our highly dependable AC repair in Temecula. We also provide regular maintenance so your AC can operate without a hitch all year long.

Air conditioning installation in Murrieta: bring comfort & air quality to your home or business

Quality AC installation in Murrieta, California Make the most of advanced air conditioning technology and take advantage of our competitive AC installation pricing: schedule an AC install for year-round indoor comfort. We can install your AC anywhere in San Diego or Riverside County, enabling you to experience instant indoor comfort at the push of a button.

If your old AC is barely working or you simply never had air conditioning before, the time is right for AC installation. Aside from indoor comfort, an innovative, brand new AC system can bring you health benefits: better air quality and ventilation. Our helpful staff will also help you pick a model that caters to the needs of your property and fits your budget. We are your best source for air conditioning installation in Murrieta. 

Best locations for split Air Conditioning Installation

Install your indoor AC unit in a central location in a room if you want to maximize its efficiency and reduce its energy consumption. We will consider factors such as unit range, room size, shape, layout and openings, as well as furniture layout.  

Ideally, we will place the unit:

  • away from any heat sources and electrical appliances
  • where there is no obstruction to the air flow from the unit
  • at a proper height (typically 7 feet from the floor)

Where should I put my outdoor AC unit?

Ideally, the outdoor AC unit should be placed in an open space so that there is no obstructions around it, preferably at least a 12-inch clearance on all sides of the unit.

How long does a central air conditioner last?

If properly matched to the needs of your home or business premises, your central air conditioner should last about 15 years. If you need to make up your mind between a central and split AC, we can help you make the best decision.

Split AC can be used in two rooms

Advanced split AC systems allow you to cool multiple indoor units through a single outdoor unit. Each unit has invidual controls. 

Efficient AC repair & replacement in Murrieta

The best air conditioning repair in Murrieta Depending on the type of malfunction, you may or may not realize that you need to schedule AC repair, perhaps even have the whole system replaced. Give us a call if your AC is no longer functioning like it used to. At the very least, your air conditioning could be consuming more electricity without working efficiently. It could even stop working altogether. Regardless of the outcome, it’s money down the drain. 

To prevent that from happening, have our professional technicians with ample hands-on experience handle your AC repair. As a local AC repair company that’s been around for a long time, we have the experience and the technology to perform minor or major repairs or recommend an appropriate replacement for your old AC. Call us today for Air Conditioning repair in Murrieta!

Why is my AC not blowing cold air?

There are multiple factors that may cause your AC to stop blowing cold air:

  • Improper thermostat settings
  • Clogged filters
  • Dirty condenser
  • Mechanical issues with the inner workings of the system
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Ductwork leak
  • Inadequate AC size

Mechanical issues require AC repair, and inadequate sizing means you have no choice but to have the AC replaced with an appropriately-sized unit. Other potential issues can be avoided if you have the system undergo regular AC maintenance.

How do you know if your AC needs freon?

Here are some telltale signs that your AC might need a refrigerant or freon refill: 

  • Higher energy bills
  • The unit is blowing warm instead of cool air
  • Ice/frost is forming on your AC
  • Bubbling or hissing noise

Quality AC service for your home or business in Murrieta

Fast and convenient AC service in Murrieta A properly maintained AC is an AC with a long life span. Regular AC maintenance will also enable you to take full advantage of the warranty period for system parts and components. We are here for both home and business owners as we specialize in residential and commercial AC services. 

Let our team of highly qualified technicians take care of your AC system and optimize its performance. Aside from regular inspection and simple updates, the maintenance process allows us to predict and prevent possible AC repairs. If and when we identify a problem, we will implement effective solutions to resolve it successfully and prevent it from escalating. We offer the highest quality Air Conditioning repair in Murrieta.

Why do you need regular AC maintenance?

While regular AC maintenance procedures can help you prevent repairs and malfunctions, neglecting your AC and skipping its regular check-ups and maintenance procedures comes with repercussions such as:

  • poor system efficiency
  • increase of electricity bills
  • costly emergency repairs
  • drastically shortened system life span

How often should you have your air conditioner serviced?

Have your AC serviced once or twice a year. Annual AC service should be done in the spring, so the system will be up and running for heavy-duty operation in the summer. An AC service includes inspection and cleaning. 

Once we conduct your initial inspections, we will make our recommendations accordingly. For your convenience, we can set up your maintenance schedule depending on your air conditioning system’s age and functionality and send you reminders periodically.

What is included in AC maintenance?

AC maintenance should cover inspection of the following:

  • the motor, blower, drain line, coils
  • operating pressures and temperatures
  • air filters
  • the return and supply lines 
  • refrigerant levels
  • connections and system controls
  • air leakage (insulation and window seals)

We will also remove debris from the AC units and lubricate any moving parts.

What happens if AC is not serviced?

Not having your AC undergo regular service increases the risk of the following:

  • costly repairs
  • frequent AC malfunctions
  • subpar AC performance
  • higher utility bills
  • minor issues may escalate into major ones that are beyond repair

Hassle-free booking process: quick & simple

You were planning on spending your Saturday hiking through the Santa Rosa Plateau or jogging on a trail along Murrieta Creek, but then your AC broke down and now your day is ruined. Not with us on your side. There’s no reason why you have  to give up on your plans because we boast a time-saving booking platform that will take just several minutes of your time. 

Forget about complicated forms or endless phone calls. You just need to share a few details with us to get a quick price estimate. And if you’re looking for good value for money, you’ve got it: we have a fair flat-rate pricing system without any hidden charges.

We’re the one-stop shop for your AC in Murrieta

Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar is the go-to company for all your AC-related needs. From the installation process to regular check-ups and maintenance procedures to repairs, professional recommendations and replacement, you can rely on our team to act in your best interest. We can help you pick an AC that is a worthwhile investment or make sure your old AC stays up and running for years to come. 

Expert AC repair & replacement in Murrieta

Indoor comfort is our middle name and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to prove it. You can rely on our availability here in Murrieta and across Southern California for a range of services. Problems with your old AC? We can do minor or major AC repairs in Corona, fast and efficient air conditioning repair in Temescal Valley or AC repair or replacement in Temecula. Are you about to purchase a brand new AC? Contact us for quick and reliable AC installation services in Cherry Valley, dependable Temecula air conditioning installation and more! We are here for you, so feel free to reach out anytime.