AC Installation & Repair Services in Moreno Valley

Quality Air Conditioning Repair in Moreno Valley, California Action Air Conditioning Heating & Solar is a trusted provider of AC services in Moreno Valley and the area. Our team consists of highly qualified, NATE-certified technicians who will optimize your AC unit for efficient performance using advanced equipment and proven techniques. Need air conditioning repair in Moreno Valley? AC repair is one of our specialties.

We can handle the replacement and installation of new units, diagnose and repair any existing issues, and handle regular maintenance at flat rates. Additionally, we offer round-the-clock assistance with any pressing problems. Contact us at your convenience & enhance the performance of your air conditioning.  

Professional AC replacement & installation

We offer expert assistance with air conditioning installation and replacement to residents in Moreno Valley. We work with different types of AC systems, collaborate with trusted manufacturers, and offer a streamlined installation process to our clients. Therefore, if you’re thinking of replacing your worn-out unit and having a new air conditioner installed, we’ll handle everything from arranging for your new equipment to setting up the system for long-term durability. 

When should you replace your AC?

If you’re not certain whether you should have your AC system replaced with a new unit, you should consider the following: 

  • Is your unit more than 10 years old? 
  • Is your AC unit constantly breaking down?
  • Have you noticed an increase in energy bills?
  • Have you expanded your home and your unit is now too small?
  • Is there excessive leakage and moisture around your AC unit? 
  • Has your unit started making unusual noises such as rattling or banging? 

If you notice any of these signs or simply believe it’s time to have your unit replaced for increased efficiency, contact Action AC. Our team will handle AC replacement efficiently and help you choose the best unit for your home in Moreno Valley. 

How do I choose the right air conditioner?

When choosing a new AC system, you need to consider an array of factors, including your budget, home size, energy efficiency, type of unit, cooling capacity, etc. This is a crucial step in ensuring your new air conditioner is suitable for your property and can operate with maximum efficiency. 

Therefore, our team will offer their expert advice and help evaluate your needs. We can present the best options for your home depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget limits. We can also discuss the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to help you find a highly rated unit suitable for your home and climate. 

Can you install your own air conditioner?

Proper AC installation is crucial for enhancing the efficiency and extending the life expectancy of your unit. Having your unit properly set up will minimize the risk of future malfunctions and untimely breakdowns. This is why it’s recommended that you hire seasoned AC installers who will handle the task and bring you the following benefits: 

  • Experience and expertise in handling the installation of different types of units
  • Professional equipment and proven techniques that will offer optimal results
  • No manual labor such as heavy lifting, site preparation, and roof climbing
  • Minimized risk of damage and problems caused by poor installation
  • Up-to-code installation that will eliminate safety risks for your home
  • Warranty for your new AC system installation

With Action AC, you will have all these benefits of professional air conditioning installation in Moreno Valley. Our team is highly skilled at installation of central AC systems, as well as other types of units. We’ve been in this business for more than 45 years and are uniquely qualified to handle this job with reliability and precision. 

Need air conditioning repair in Moreno Valley? We have you covered.

Here at Action Air Conditioning Heating & Solar, we offer professional air conditioning repair services designed to remove any existing problems and enhance the performance of your unit. Owing to the years of practical knowledge and experience in the field, our team knows what problems they can expect and uses in-depth inspection methods to reveal any hidden issues. We will take steps to examine your unit and handle any necessary repairs in a cost- and time-efficient manner. 

What causes AC to stop working?

Some of the reasons why your unit has stopped working may include: 

  • Mechanical issues with the unit’s components such as the compressor or motor 
  • Clogged air filters that hinder the airflow of your unit, affecting its performance
  • Low refrigerant levels that are probably caused by possible leaks
  • Blocked outdoor condenser that can lead to possible failure 

Therefore, if your air conditioning has stopped working, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll send a team of experienced repair technicians to your home in Moreno Valley. We will come at your earliest convenience and inspect your unit to identify the exact cause of the system failure. For any pressing issues, you can contact us and we’ll handle an emergency repair.

How can I fix my AC?

When fixing an air conditioner, you need to cover all the important steps, from gathering all the necessary tools and materials to acquiring new parts from the right manufacturer. Additionally, you need to carefully inspect the system first, determine what the cause of the problem is, and apply the right repair solutions. Of course, before starting the repair, you need to turn off the power. 

However, it’s important to mention that this can be a complex and challenging task that requires professional knowledge of AC and how your particular system works. This is why it’s advisable that you contact us to handle the repair. We’re a trusted contractor for AC repair in Moreno Valley, delivering timely and efficient service to our neighbors.  

AC service & maintenance for optimal performance

We’re a team of experienced specialists who provide our clients with regular air conditioning service and maintenance in Moreno Valley. By setting up a schedule for regular maintenance, we will be able to keep your unit in optimal condition and prevent possible problems from occurring in the first place, ensuring your units lasts for years to come. 

Why is AC service important?

Setting up a regular AC service and maintenance plan with us will bring you the following benefits: 

  • Preventing possible problems
  • Saving money on unnecessary repairs
  • Minimizing damage by identifying issues on time
  • Ensuring that your home has high indoor air quality
  • Enhancing energy-efficiency of your air conditioning

We deliver detailed air conditioning service in Moreno Valley, enabling property owners to keep their units in good condition. We can perform proper maintenance on a regular basis, enabling our clients to join our tune-up program and automating this type of service. Having serviced a great number of air conditioners, we can handle this routine task to bring you a range of important benefits. 

What is included in AC servicing?

In general, our air conditioning maintenance and service include the following tasks: 

  • Inspecting your unit for any possible malfunctions
  • Cleaning the condenser coil from debris
  • Checking the fitting of the suction lines
  • Inspecting for possible leaks 
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Replacing air filters

Of course, our team will cover all the important aspects of proper maintenance and deliver in-depth AC service in Moreno Valley. We will also test your unit to see whether everything is functioning properly and suggest any possible improvements if needed. 

How often should an air conditioner be serviced?

Air conditioning service and maintenance should be scheduled on a regular basis. Typically, we advise our clients in Moreno Valley to schedule this type of service once or twice a year. However, this may depend on the current condition and age of your unit. Our maintenance plan accounts for two tune-ups yearly. Additionally, springtime service is highly advised as it will allow our technicians to prepare your unit for the upcoming cooling season. 

Schedule high-result AC service in Moreno Valley & the area

Top Air Conditioning Repair in Moreno Valley, California Action Air Conditioning Heating & Solar is a trusted contractor for AC repair, installation, and service in Riverside County, offering professionalism and expertise to our clients along with a satisfaction guarantee and flat-rate prices. 

Therefore, in addition to serving Moreno Valley, we can offer professional AC repair services in Corona, assist you with timely air conditioning replacement in Temecula, help you out with comprehensive AC repair and replacement in Hemet, and provide premium air conditioning repair & maintenance services in Temecula, or anywhere else in the area. 

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