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Need air conditioning service in Bonsall or a nearby Riverside city?

When your air conditioner breaks down, homeowners are left wondering what the best next step would be. Action is proud to employ a large team of specialized air conditioning installers, who gladly drive from cities like Bonsall down to Mira Mesa, just to help homeowners be more comfortable in their home. Help and trustworthy air conditioning repair and installation for your home are just a phone call away. Our friendly and professional team members are always eager to answer a call, to visit your home, and to provide a lasting quality service. We will make an appointment at your earliest convenience and a certified technician will be dispatched to your home at your selected timeframe. Once there, we will thoroughly examine your system and provide detailed, thorough details with your diagnosis. With detailed, no-pressure quotes and reliable, no-pressure advice, our technicians vow to walk you through every step of your AC installation or repair in Bonsall and surrounding cities!

How to proceed with an air conditioner repair service

Depending on the situation and damage costs, we may advise replacement of your AC unit instead of repair. While initially more costly, in these cases it would make more financial sense over the long term. What we examine is the age and condition of the unit. Then we can determine whether it is a good candidate for repair or if it needs to be replaced. Basically, the newer a unit is, the better a repair will fit into the recommended action. If a unit is very old and has lots of worn out parts, it is a better candidate for AC replacement in Bonsall. Repairing a unit like this may cost you more in the long run by having to get it repaired again frequently.

AC maintenance prevents future breakdowns

A well-maintained AC is more efficient and less likely to break down. Sign up for our maintenance plan, and our technicians will come out twice per year, at the start of each heating and cooling season. During the visit, they will thoroughly examine your AC unit and give it a complete tune-up. The refrigerant levels can become low and cause a problem. Debris and dirt can clog the filters and cause the unit to break down. A regularly maintained air conditioner will save you on energy bills, because of being more efficient and provide you higher air quality.

Why is my AC freezing up?

There are three main reasons why an air conditioner will freeze up. It is a very common problem found in the business of air conditioner repair.

  • Blocked air flow – dirt or debris can clog the filters and cause a lack of air flow through the unit. This can cause the refrigerant to become too cold and make the unit freeze.
  • Refrigerant leaks or mechanical problems – there are lots of moving parts in an air conditioner, and if any of them malfunction, or the refrigerant leaks, it can cause a loss of pressure that causes the unit to freeze up.
  • Cool summer nights – Air conditioners are programmed to operate at certain levels, and if left running when it is too cold outside, it can throw off the functioning of the unit and cause it to freeze.

What are other reasons why an air conditioner breaks down?

Some reasons why an air conditioner could break down and require repair are sensor malfunction, drainage problems, leaking refrigerant and dirty filters.

  • Dirty filters-changing the filters on an AC is the easiest way to keep it running smoothly, and should be done frequently. Changing or cleaning filters frequently will also improve your air quality. If the filters become too blocked with dirt, the resulting loss of airflow through the unit can cause a breakdown and the need for expensive AC repair or replacement.
  • Leaking refrigerant- evaporation into a gas is how the refrigerant cools down the air in your home. Heat is absorbed by the refrigerant as the hot air is circulated through the air conditioner to produce the desired cold air which comes out of the vents. A low level of refrigerant, caused by a leak, can cause other components within the air conditioner to fail. For that reason, we advise scheduled maintenance to check your refrigerant levels twice per year and prevent unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Sensor malfunction- a sensor is used by the air conditioner to measure the air temperature as it enters the unit. The unit then compares the temperature read on the thermostat to the current temperature read by the sensor. This tells the air conditioner if it needs to cycle on, or keep a cycle going. If the sensor is not reading the correct air temperature, this can cause a breakdown.
  • Drainage problems- condensation forms when hot air is rapidly cooled, and the resulting water from the condensation needs to be properly drained away from the unit. If the water pools or enters any parts of the unit during the process, this can cause a breakdown. Pooling of water or water dripping off any parts of the unit is a danger sign that should be handled immediately by a qualified technician.

What are the parts of an air conditioner and how does it work?

There are four main parts of a typical air conditioner, the compressor, condenser, metering device and evaporator.

  • Compressor- known as the ‘heart’ of the system, the compressor compresses the refrigerant vapor as it is pumped through it, which heats the vapor.
  • Condenser – the condenser contains a fan which cools the vapor inside of a coil. When the vapor cools it becomes a liquid, and the heat is removed by blowing the hot air out of the unit.
  • Metering device – this controls the flow of the liquid refrigerant.
  • Evaporator – the liquid refrigerant enters this coil and begins to boil, returning it to a gas form. Air passing over the coil transfers its heat to the coil, producing cold air which is expelled from the unit, completing the function of the AC unit.

What’s the best air conditioner to choose as a replacement?

If our team is called out for an AC repair, we may recommend a replacement, especially if your air conditioner is an older unit. If a replacement is needed instead of a repair, we will help you choose the very best AC for your cooling needs in Bonsall. Choosing the best one will depend on many factors including:

    • The age of the unit
    • The condition of the components inside the unit
    • The level of damage caused by the malfunction

When choosing a new replacement unit, there are lots of things to consider. One is the SEER rating. SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio”. This ratio is basically the unit’s average performance, the amount of cooling that it does per the units of energy that it uses. Our friendly air conditioner service team in Bonsall will explain the differences in the different SEER ratings to be sure that you fully understand your options.

  • Basic SEER 13-15: Usually single-stage AC units, that must run on their highest setting a majority of the time to be efficient. Usually louder than the higher SEER-rated models and can create cold spots in the home.
  • Better SEER 16-19: These usually run at around 65 percent capacity. They are usually quieter than the 13-15 units and consume less energy. These tend to cool more evenly.
  • Best SEER 20-24: These usually vary from 25 to 100 percent capacity. They tend to be the quietest and most efficient. These are usually best at creating a balanced temperature in your home or business.

How do I know if AC service is necessary?

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Knowing when to call for service is a key part of maintaining your air conditioning unit. If you notice any warning signs, or anything unusual occurring with the unit, we recommend that you give us a call. Many times, early detection and repair of a problem will prevent a more costly and serious breakdown in the future.

Some common signs that air conditioner service or maintenance is needed are:

  • Strange sounds coming from the air conditioner
  • Fluid leaking under the air conditioner
  • An unexplained increase in your energy bills
  • If your AC is more than ten years old

Expert AC installation & repair in Bonsall & surrounding South Riverside cities

In addition to air conditioning services in Bonsall, we also offer dependable AC installation and repair in De Luz, expert air conditioning service in Pala Mesa, Winchester and further. You can count on us to arrive at your location consistently timely and be polite, and professional. Our technicians take visiting your home or work ape with the utmost respect and courteousness. Whether you’re located near San Marcos Mountains, or anywhere else in San Diego County, count on Action for your AC or heater repair and installation needs.

Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar service and installation crews follow the latest safety standards for COVID-19 prevention procedures, and we are still committed to safely providing the best long-term heating and cooling solutions for your home.