Home Energy Audits in San Diego and Southern Riverside County, CA

A home energy audit (also sometimes referred to as an energy assessment) is a comprehensive testing of your home’s energy usage profile. A home energy audit takes the guesswork out of making home efficiency upgrades by delivering an energy report with quantifiable recommendations that could save you up to 50 percent on your monthly utility bills.

What are the Benefits of a Home Energy Audit?

There are numerous benefits of a home energy audit. A home energy audit can not only help improve overall home comfort and have significant financial implications, but it also has environmental benefits for your Southern California community and around the world.

Decrease Home Energy Bills

One of the most desirable benefits of a home energy audit is decreased monthly energy bills. Energy savings will vary by home, but many homeowners can see energy bills decrease by as much as 50 percent after completing the energy efficiency improvements suggested in the home energy audit report.

If you are considering a solar energy installation for your home, the benefits of having a home energy audit can be even greater. Since a home energy audit can help you determine where your home is losing energy (even before you install solar power), you’ll be able to save even more on your energy bills than with your solar energy system alone!

Improve Home Comfort

Nearly every home has a room (or multiple rooms) with comfort issues – rooms that tend to be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. The tests performed during a home energy audit will monitor a home’s airflow and discover problem areas that disrupt uniform temperatures throughout the house. Once the test is concluded, we will give you a report with suggested action items to improve your home’s comfort in the San Diego area.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Implementation of one – or a combination of several – energy efficiency improvements can also improve the health of your indoor air quality. A comprehensive home energy audit will check your home’s air quality for mold moisture, carbon monoxide, and other contaminants that may negatively impact your health.

Decrease Carbon Footprint

The energy efficiency suggestions made in your home energy assessment/audit report will decrease your home’s energy use. Using less energy reduces your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions created at coal and gas fired power plants.

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